July 31, 2021

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Kisser Girl. Episode 13

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Kisser Girl


Author: Feathers


Episode 13



Theme: Hook up with my granddaughter

Love smiled at the scroll, she saw the writings and she knew at once that it’s not the original scroll.
She has learnt by reason of studying that there are diverse powers and abilities of men, and so for one to succeed, one has to be smarter, she has learnt that there are fake scrolls and there are genuine scrolls.

She had also master how to identify them

“This is fake” Love said and Peace arched his brow

“Really?”Peace questioned

Love smiled
” whom did you meet in the library?” Love asked

“The old man, the Liberian, I guess. He gave me this scroll” Peace said

“I think the man is fake, go back there and find out what it is about that man cus this scroll is fake ” Love said

Peace stood and ran in three minutes to Babylon.

He appeared beside the library, he walked gently and peeped to see the old Liberian who handed over the scroll to him but he couldn’t find him again at the entrance

He appeared fully before the library and he couldn’t see anyone,he was surprised and wondered where the old man could have gone to

He walked inside the library and saw the same old man , to him, the man is seeing now is the same man he has seen some minutes ago.

“Father, I came here some minutes ago to ask for a scroll, we found out that the scroll is fake, what happened father?” Peace asked feeling disappointed at the man

“Son, I did not know what you are talking about, I have never seen you here before and I’ve not given anyone any scrolls today” The old man said gently

“Oh! Well… Well…I’m sorry” Peace said trying to understand what had just happened but he didn’t understand, maybe when he gets back to Love, Love will explain all that is happening between him and the old man

“What did you want son?” the old Liberian asked

“A scroll that can free my friends from spell” Peace said

“It depends on the spell, check the scrolls over there” The Liberian said pointing to a particular shelves of scrolls

Peace walked towards the very shelve and started checking and scanning through the scrolls, he doesn’t understand how to read scrolls, reading of scrolls is for Love. But the words written at the back cover of the book is readable

He kept checking the scrolls till he finds the one whose back cover reads ‘ Freedom from Spell that makes men loose themselves”

He knew at once that the scroll is the exact scroll that he needs , he took it and walked back to the Liberian.

“I’ve seen the kind of scroll I need sir, I wanna start going” Peace said

“You read scrolls here, we don’t give it out to strangers” The Liberian said

” I will bring it back father, my friend is in need to the spells , I will need to take the scroll to him to be free ” Peace said

“That’s our principle here son, if everyone keeps coming to take scrolls like you are about to, what scrolls will be left in the library, I’m sorry, I can’t allow you, I’ll prefer that you bring your friend here and cast the spell on him here” The Liberian said

“Why is this man stern like this, can’t he just understand that I wanna quickly use it and that I will return it ” Peace thought

Peace ran outside and ran in three minutes back to America, he thinks he is doing the right thing, once the scrolls are casted on Robert and John, he promised himself to return it to the library

Peace got to the sitting room with a new scroll, he handed it over to Love. Love scanned through the scroll, it’s genuine, it’s the exact same scroll they needed for the deliverance of Robert and John

She walked closer to Robert and John and casted the spells on them

A soft air blew over Robert and John, they were covered in a midst and their understandings got brightened again. Their mind became sound. They started remembering all that had happened to them, they realized they had being under spells all this while

“I’m happy you are free” Love said and walked back to her sit

Everyone smiled happily

“Why did you steal my scroll?” A voice sounded

Everyone turned towards the direction of the voice and they saw an old man, only peace recognize the old man to be the Liberian

Peace was stunned to see the Liberian in their room

“So this man got some powers too, oh! Really, a man can not be guiding those powerful scrolls and not be powerful” Peace thought

“He is the Liberian at Darius library in Babylon” Peace said and answered everyone’s curiosity about who the man is

Still, everyone wondered how the man had come from Babylon in less than six minutes to America

Peace stood and walked towards the man

The man punched a soft blow in the air, Peace felt an heavy invisible rock collide mysteriously on him, he flew back towards the plasma TV, he broke the plasma TV and part of his back tore, he got injured severely and fell

Everyone stood up abruptly

“What the h*ll is going on here?” Love asked courageously as she saw Peace lay injured on the floor

“I did it, It’s a punishment for stealing my scroll” The Liberian said

“He is gonna return it, is that why you injured him? Are you so wicked ?” Love questioned

The man smirked

“I am not wicked my daughter, I’m a gentle Liberian, but if anyone steals my scroll, they will have to eat their cake and have it” the old man said

“You think you are powerful, do you know whom we are?” Love asked

“How am I suppose to know, but I know that boy over there” The Liberian said pointing to Robert

“I?” Robert exclaimed and placed his right hand on his chest

“Why did you break up with my granddaughter just to be with this girl?” The Liberian asked referring to Jenny as this girl

“Your granddaughter, did I know you? I’ve never come across you, you came all the way from Babylon and you are telling me that I broke up with your granddaughter” Robert said

“You want to tell you did not break up with Linda, my granddaughter keeps getting hurt everyday cus you broke her heart, why are you so cruel boy?
I didn’t know that the scroll collected from my library is targeted at your deliverance, I wouldn’t have given them, if you like yourself, restore the relationship you have with my granddaughter” The Liberian said

“I can’t cus I stopped loving Linda already” Robert stood

Others stood and watch

The liberian squeezed his face, he disappeared and appeared beside Jenny

Jenny jerked back in fear but the man had held her wrist

“This is the lady that seduced you to break up with my grand daughter right?” The Liberian asked Robert referring to Jenny as the lady

“What’s it about this man, I think I need to deal with you” Love said

“Afraid sat sat mis
Borin kaifat kaidus
Dulnmit defriast sis” Love casted the spell on the man. The spell is suppose to make the man fall, but the man became invisible before she could finish casting the spell

The man appeared behind Love and touched her lips, the man disappeared again

Love couldn’t speak again, she became dumb

Joy desires that the man fall, but that can only work if he sees the man

The man appeared beside Jenny again and they both disappeared , everyone arched their brow in shock

“Where is Jenny?” John

“Jenny, Jenny” Joy called but they couldn’t see her

“Tell Robert to hook up back with Linda and I will release Jenny and make Joy speak again” The Liberian said invincibly

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