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Kisser Girl. Episode 14

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Kisser Girl


Author: Feathers


Episode 14


Theme: Jenny in the dungeon

The old Liberian took Jenny to his library at Babylon.

He released his grip on Jenny

“Dear, this is Babylon, it’s very far from America, don’t even think of running away” The old Liberian said and went back to his sitting position at the library

Jenny stared around the old but decent library

“Why would you hold me hostage, I didn’t do anything wrong” Jenny said

“You snatched Robert from Linda, you didn’t expect me to fold my hands and watch , did you?” The librarian said

“I didn’t snatch Robert from Linda, Robert chose me cus he loves me” Jenny said

“Young girl, you are now in Babylon, what should I offer you?” The old librarian asked

Jenny giggled

“Do u think your actions is gonna force Robert to Love Linda?” Jenny asked sarcastically

“You didn’t get it, did you?, before Robert saw you, he was with Linda, what that implies is that, if he no longer see you, he will go back to Linda and by the ways, my grand daughter is more beautiful than you, I’m gonna release you after Robert had fallen in Love with Linda” The old Liberian said

“You are really funny, my friends will come for me and I’ll be free today ” Jenny said boldly

The man giggled

“You are somehow full of yourself, the only power that Uncle Luci gave me is the ability to become invincible or make someone invincible, how are they gonna save you when they won’t even find you ” The old Liberian said

“Oh! Every power has a weakness, I’m sure they are gonna find your weakness and come for you” Jenny said

“Let’s wait and see” The old Librarian said and closed his eye

He ignored Jenny and started meditating


Peace stood up from the floor, all this while , he had being lying helplessly on the floor .

His back hurts him, he went to sit uncomfortably as a result of the pain he was feeling

Everyone sat down sadly

Love couldn’t talk, she would have broke the awkward silence

“Joy, Love is dumb, Jenny has being taken away, what are we gonna do now?” Peace asked and groaned slightly in pain

Joy bowed his head thinking of how to save his friends , he was frustrated, he is sad, assuming Love isn’t dumb now, she could have brought a sensible suggestion

“Joy, won’t you say something?” Robert asked

Love stood up, she went inside and brought some scrolls, she was scanning through the back covers until she saw the one she needs

The back cover of the scroll reads ‘How to make an invincible man visible”

She opened the scroll and a lightening emitted from the scroll and struck her eyes , she jerked in fear and rubbed her eyes

She started seeing some writings on a wall in her vision cus her eyes suddenly got opened to see visions

It reads ‘ Mene Mene ‘
Furis Tekel

She saw a hand writes the meaning beside it

It reads

‘He has being weighed’
He has being measured
The power is yours, use it

Love read it two more times before she got the meaning, she now has the power to see an invincible man and make him visible

She saw a white being walked towards her , the white being is so tall, and beautiful

She is dressed in white and he has six wings, the first two wings on her shoulder is to heal, the second two wings on her waist is to fly and the third two wings is to help

The angel flew gently and flapped her wing towards love.

Love was stunned to see such a beautiful white being, even though she is an elder , she lived all her life at the throne, bowing and worshiping the king of light, there are some white beings she has never seen, one of which is this

” My name is Raphael, I am the white being who heals, I have being sent by the king of light to help ” Raphael said and used her first two wings to touch Joy’s mouth.

Joy opened it and she could speak

“Raphael, thanks for healing me” Love said

“I want to help you fight the Librarian,follow peace to Babylon , I will follow you in the spirit and ensure we bring Jenny back” Raphael said

“Thanks Raphael” Love said and opened her eye

All the words she was saying all this while in her vision were being said in her heart.

No one knows yet that she can speak,

“Friends , I can speak , I saw an angel in the territory of the white being, her name is Raphael, he promised to help us get Jenny back, Peace, you gonna take me along to Babylon , looks like we will be having a duel with the old man” Love said

“Please go quickly guys” Robert said hoping that the man wouldn’t have done something to Jenny

“Robert, do not worry, we will bring her back” Peace promised still feeling pains

Love walked closer to Peace

“Raphael, heal Peace” Love commanded

Her eyes got opened and she saw Raphael standing still

“Why are you not obeying me?” Love asked in surprise

“Cus you don’t pray to we white beings, you pray to the king of light then he orders me to work” Raphael said

“Oh! I thought since you have the power to heal, you should just heal Peace for me, I never knew that you do everything based on command of our king” Love said and exhaled

“Oh king of light, heal Peace” Love prayed

An angel flew from the throne of the King of light in a second to where Raphael is

“The king has said you can heal him” The angel that flew towards Love said to Raphael and flew speedily back

Raphael placed his first two wings on Peace , Peace became healed instantly

“I’m healed” Peace said

“Thanks be to the king of light” Love said and smiled

Everyone smiled and become happy that all the injury Peace sustained had left his body

“Time to fight” Peace said as he stood up.

He held Love by her hand and ran like a flash.

In three minutes , they were at the entrance of the library in babylon

Amon , Abadon and Abraxas are spiritual dark beings assigned to the liberarian on the day he sold his soul to Uncle Luci.

The eyes of the Liberian suddenly got opened and he saw the three dark beings that worked for him

“Is something happening?” Librarian asked wondering why he would see then in a time like this

“Yes, Peace and Love, together with the white being who heals had come to fight you and take Jenny” Abadon reported

“Then I’m gonna disappear together with Jenny so they would not see us” The librarian said

“Why are you talking like a kid, Love now has the power to see you, even if you become invisible , Love would still see you” Amon said

“Then we will fight them together ” The librarian said

“That is exactly what I want to hear from you, we must defeat them” Abraxas who is the third dark being said

Love and Peace entered.

Raphael appeared visibly behind them

The old Liberian walked towards them.

Amon, Abadon and Abraxas appeared visibly behind the librarian

“Bring Jenny from wherever she is and we will not fight you, failure to do so, you leave us with no choice but to fight you” Love threatened

“I wouldn’t mind keeping Raphael in a dungeon where she would spend the rest of her years as a spirit” The Liberian said

“You really think you can defeat me” Raphael said sarcastically

“I didn’t think, I know ” The librarian retorted

“Bobe adute arisum arisum
Juv kapris durv mins” the librarian casted the spell and swords appeared at the hands of the three dark beings

They flew towards Raphael suddenly and started fighting Raphael

“I need to take you down spiritually first before I’m able to deal with you physically” The old Liberian said

Raphael started using his second wings to fight, the very wing that was in his waist

The three dark beings seems to be stronger and more powerful, a sword met Raphael in his last two wings, the one he uses to help .

Raphael cried out loud in pain, Abadon used the opportunity to pierce Raphael in his stomach. Raphael cried out loud again and fell to the floor.

The three demons flew on Raphael, but Raphael rolled before they could jump on her with their sword

Raphael flew furiously and used his middle sharp wing to Pierce the three demons at once, they fell to the floor

The old librarian arched his brow

“Stand up! Abadon, stand ! Amon! Abraxas! Don’t give up,

Crushini adin luciba
Burofi sakiat danna

Stand up” The old Liberian yelled

The spell he casted is to fortify the dark beings with more power so they can stand and continued fighting with Rapheal

Like a man pouring water into a basket so are the spells of the old librarian over the three dark beings

Since Raphael is a white being who heals, he healed himself

“We won, where is Jenny?” Love asked

“I know you may win, so I threw her inside the dungeon, it’s locked by my spell” The old Liberian said and grinned wickedly

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