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Kisser Girl. Episode 15

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Kisser Girl


Author: Feathers


Episode 15


Theme: Don’t push his body
“So you put her inside the dungeon, oops!” Love said frustratingly and faced Raphael to see if she has an idea on what to do

“You know I’m an healing white being, it’s gonna be hard to find where the dungeon is in the first place ” Raphael said

“I’m gonna use my flash ability to search for where the dungeon is In a twinkle of an eye” Peace bragged

Love nodded giving him the permission to do so.

Peace ran around the library in few seconds searching for the dungeon, he found it at the very back of the library.

Peace ran back to Love and Raphael

“I found it” Peace said and took them there. The old man stood and watched and hoped that Peace has not really found the dungeon.

“This is the dungeon” Peace said

“Oh! You mean Jenny is inside this very dark vault that looks like prison” Love said

“I can’t imagine too, how are we gonna open the dungeon?” Peace asked

Love moved closer to the dungeon and called
“Jenny, are you there… Jenny! Jenny!” Love called but no one was answering

“She is not answering or she may not be there” Love said

“Let’s find a way of opening this dungeon first, then if she’s not there, we gonna continue the search ” Peace suggested

“Raphael, can you use your wing to help us open this dungeon?” Love requested

“Cast the books of Tobit, chapter 3 verse 21 , I might be strengthened to help you open the dungeon” Raphael said

“You might, huh? You ain’t even sure?” love said

“It’s for the king of light to supply grace , if the king of Light do not supply grace, even when you cast spell, it will not work” Raphael said

“Kabod kabod mount kabod
Kabor kabiun juvet
Tofes tofrekit musin” Love casted the spell and Raphael felt some touch of supernatural strength in her last wings

Rachael knew at once that the king of light had supplied strength to open the door of the dungeon that had being closed by spell

Raphael charged at the gate of the dungeon with her last wings , the door shattered into pieces at once

Love and Peace arched their brow in surprise
“Thanks Raphael” Love said

“Thanks be to the king of light” Raphael said

“This guy is so loyal to the king of light” Love thought

“How do we enter this dungeon, who is gonna go?” Love requested

“You” Peace said referring to Love

Love sighed and looked at the dark dungeon

“Are you scared?” Peace asked

“No” Love replied and entered the dungeon, before she could take few steps , someone approached her

“Who are you” Love asked when she noticed that someone was coming but she couldn’t identify the person cus everywhere is dark

“I saw it in my vision that you are coming to save me ” Jenny said

“Jenny! ” love called and giggled happily

Jenny met Love, Love searched for her wrist in the dark dungeon and held her, they walked out of the dungeon together

Peace and Raphael smiled widely on seeing Jenny

“Now that Jenny is back, I’m gonna return back to the king of light, whenever you find yourself in trouble , pray to the king of light, he will help you by sending one of the white beings to come save you” Raphael said and disappeared

“Raphael is very loyal” Peace said

“I’m telling you” Love said

“Jenny, hope you aren’t hurt by that old man?” Peace asked

“No, I’m fine, where is the old man by the ways ?”Jenny asked

” He is inside the library, the dark beings that works for him had being defeated by Raphael, the librarian is powerless ” Love said

“I’m happy, how do we go back to America?” Jenny asked

“I can only take one person at a time, I’ll take one person to America first, it will take me six minutes to travel to and fro, then I will come back and pick the second person” Peace said

“Take Jenny first, I’m gonna be waiting for you here” Love said

“Alright” Peace said and held Jenny, he ran speedily with her back together to America, to the living room where Robert, John and Joy is

Robert was happy to see Jenny, he rushed at Jenny and hugged her. Jenny received his warm hug and smiled

“It has being tough on you Jenny” Robert said as he disengaged from the hug

Jenny nodded and smiled

“Guys, I’ll be back” Peace said and ran back to Babylon

He couldn’t find Love where he left her

“Love…Love..” he called as he eye searched the surroundings for Love

“I’m here” Love said as she stepped out of the dungeon

“Why are you there?” Peace asked

“I hid there, I can’t trivialize what the next line of action of the Liberian would be ” Love said

“Don’t tell me you afraid of him” peace asked

“I’m never scared , sometimes, you just need to play it safe, I need to eat and rest, I’m not ready to fight again” Love said

Peace held Love’s wrist and he ran speedily to America with Love , to the sitting room

Joy was happy to see Love

“Love” Joy exclaimed and smiled

“I’m fine, guys, go inside and rest,for me , I’m just gonna get some slice bread and a drink at the kitchen , today had being quiet hectic” Love said and everyone dispersed to their rooms to sleep

Love served herself , she ate at the dinner, went inside her room and lay on the bed

“Thanks for the victory” Love said and slept off


Mother Selena’s Palace

Mother Selena is the mother of all werewolf on the earth, all the humans that convert into a werewolf at night

There are millions of them on earth who walked like normal humans, no one knows they are werewolf

Mother Selena can’t call every werewolf at once because of their population, therefore, he calls them in pack.

He has meeting with each pack everyday at night. Her kingdom is located at the extreme end of the earth. It’s located right beside the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve once lived

Her kingdom is a magnificent one, there are thousand of special beings that works with her.
The special beings that works with her are in two categories

1) The Cherubim – these are special beings protecting the arc of covenant. These arc of covenant is like a small metal cupboard, in it is the key that leads to the room of all powers that the werewolf has.

The cherubim guides it with their wings, they had being doing that for hundreds of years just to protect the key that leads to the room of powers

If any of the cherubim betrays the kingdom and give out the key to a stranger , the whole kingdom is doomed cus once the enemy has access to the rooms of their power, all werewolf on earth are not gonna stay on earth for another seven days, meaning that before seven day clocks , they will all die and this will bring about the ruin of all generations of werewolf on earth

Cherubim has four faces , one at the front like that of a human, one at the left like that of a bull, one at the right like that of an hyena, one at the back like that of a wolf

They are tall and white in colour , their feet are flat and made with iron.

2) The Seraphim are fiery special beings , their face is like that of a flaming fire, in their hand is seen a flaming sword, they have six wings, three pairs, their job is to fight and protect the kingdom if there is any war.

Mother Selena had called the pack of Robert that night for an emergency meeting

Robert and all his packs did an astral projection and went to the kingdom of Mother Selena for the meeting

Astral projection is when the spirit and soul of a man lives his body and travels somewhere far on earth, yet the person will not die. It happens to most people in dream

Just that someone like Robert can leave his body willingly and travel, it’s one of the ability he has aa a werewolf.

However, If Robert is gonna do an astral projection, the door to his room must be well closed because another human must not shift the position of his lying body

For instance, if Robert lay on the bed facing the ceiling and his spirit and soul left his body, if another enters his room and pushed his body, his laying position may shift , the body may use the side of it to sleep.

The implication is this, once the body position is changed , when his spirit and soul comes back to enter his body, he will never be able to enter his body again, his body will end up dieing totally

“I believe we all get that – ????”

Robert’s spirit and soul went to mother Selena’s kingdom

Robert is the Alpha, it’s being quiet a long time he visited mother Selena

Robert and his pack lined up horizontally in an x axis , the Seraphim lined up vertically with their fiery eyes and their fiery sword

Some Seraphim’s lined at the right in Y axis while some Seraphim’s lined at the left in Y axis

Robert and his friend lined in the middle horizontally with their head bowed, they dare not raise their head to mother Selena unless he gives them the permission to do so

The floor was made with gold, it was like a river, but a solid river that sprits can walk on, the chair mother Selena was sitting was made with precious golds, she was putting on a brown crown that is beautifully designed

The kingdom is indeed well ordered and organized

“Robert and family, welcome to the meeting, do not be disturbed or scared for calling you into this emergency meeting
Robert, it’s getting closer to the time I will hand over the rod to lead your pack on earth to you but you know that will not happen until you have an intimate affair with your mate, have you found her?” Mother Selena asked . her voice sounded like a storm of water

Robert squatted and bowed his head

“Mother, I have, your grace had made me found her , her name is Jennifer , she is cursed too, I do not know if I’m destined to free her from her curse, anytime she has a soul mate, she forces them to kiss her after which they die, their souls will be sacrificed to those that curse her ” Robert reported

“I’m happy you found her” Mother Selena said happily

Mother Selena stretched her hand to one of the Seraphim. She understands what mother Selena meant and flew away.
She flew back with a very long scroll as long and big as a well developed mango tree on earth

Mother Selena collected the heavy scroll and opened it , she reads it and directed her gaze at Robert who was still squatting and bowing his head

“Robert, this book contains the prophesy of your life. Yes! You are destined to free Jenny from the curse ” Mother Selena said

Robert giggled. Happiness leaped in his heart

“Mother, I’m happy right now that I will be the one to free Jenny, how do I go about that mother? ” Robert said smiling

“The same thing you need to do to get this rod of leadership over your pack is the same thing you need to do to free her from the curse” Mother Selena said

“What is that mother ? ” Robert asked

“You mate with her , have an intimate intercourse with her” Mother Selena said


John slept in Joy’s room. He was pissed at Joy who just kept snoring

He was very irritated

“All he knows is to make someone dumb, how can he be snoring like this ” John thought

After sitting upright on the bed for a while, John couldn’t take it again, he stood up and decided to go to Robert’s room

Robert sleeps well, he doesn’t snore

John left Joy’s room and went to the room Robert slept that very night.

He twisted the knob but it didn’t give way

“Why must he lock the door” John thought

“Robert, Robert” John called and kept knocking the door. He knocked it hard that Love was forced to wake up

Love’s room was right beside that of Robert

Love walked out and saw Robert battling with the knob of the door to Robert’s room

“John, what is it?” Love asked sleepily

She likes her night sleep, she doesn’t joke with it and now , John had wake her up

Nevertheless, she was still feeling sleepy

“I want to sleep in Robert’s room but he has closed the door” John said feeling frustrated of not being able to open the door

He is not gonna go back to that snoring Joy, no matter what

Love moved closer to the door and sleepily casted a simple spell that opens any wooden door

The door gave way, Love staggered back to her room, she sunk on the bed and slept off

John was pissed off at Robert, he wondered what kind of sleep he is sleeping since , he walked closer to where Robert’s body lay angrily not knowing that Robert has done an astral projection and no one must push his body

John …..Robert

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