July 31, 2021

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Kisser Girl. Episode 16

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Kisser Girl. Episode 15

Kisser Girl

Author: Feathers

Episode 16

Theme: Kisser Girl, kiss me

John touched Robert’s body.

Mother Selena saw a hand on Robert in her kingdom, she knew that someone is touching Robert’s body

“Go now Robert, someone is close to your body and u know that your sitting position must not be shifted” Mother Selena said

Robert nodded and ran to his room speedily, he saw John who was tapping his body to wake .
Robert entered his body and opened his eye

“you really slept off’ John said

“And why must you wake me ?” Robert asked

“I’m sorry, just wanna tell you that I’m gonna be sleeping with you this night” John said

“Suit you” Robert replied feeling pissed with John.

He wondered how John opened the door he is certain that he locked in the first place

“For me to free Jenny and also to receive the rod of leadership over my pack, I need to have an intimate intercourse with Jenny, but how do I go about that? ” Robert thought and stood.

He went to Jenny’s room and knocked

Jenny heard a soft knock on her door, she opened her eye and walked towards the door, she twisted the door’s knob and it gave way

She was surprised to see Robert

“Robert” Jenny called in awe

“Can I come in?” Robert asked

“Sure, you can” Jenny said

Robert entered and sat on Jenny’s bed

“I find out the only way to break the curse over you ” Robert said and looked straight into the eye of Jenny

” Tell me” Jenny said with an anticipating look

“I’m gonna have an intimate intercourse with you” Robert said

“What! You wanna have s*x with me?” Jenny asked to confirm what she heard

“That’s the only way dear” Robert said

“How did you find out?” Jenny asked

“Mother Selena, the mother of all werewolf told me” Robert said

Jenny squeezed her face and thought for a while

“Is that all?” Jenny asked

Robert nodded

“I’m still flowered, this implies that I will be loosing my virginity just to be free from the curse” Jenny said

“I’m sorry, but I promise to marry you, I’m not gonna break your heart nor allow any other guy sleep with you, I know it’s hard, but it’s the only way stated by destiny for you to be free” Robert said

Jenny stood and lay on the bed properly, Robert crawled towards her and lay on her

They had the intimate intercourse .

Robert stood up and went to the bathroom to clean himself, Jenny felt light, a surge of power arose inside her. She felt her whole body hard as rock.

She stood up without knowing what made her stand.

She casted a series of spell she had never learnt , she found herself in the kingdom of Power

The six women were sitted while mother Susan addresses them. They were surprised to see the child of prophecy

Mother Susan stood in fear, all other women stood as well

Jenny casted a spell and fire came from no where and stared burning the six women including Ella.

Sarah, Dora and Scarp whose spirit were on earth were also feeling the fires in their various rooms on earth

Mother Susan watched as the six most powerful women of her kingdom burned into ashes

The spirit of Ella left Sarah

Dora and Scarp left the earth

Mother Susan was scared of what next Jenny would do for her, it’s obvious Jenny has being free from the curse and she is now ready to take down the kingdom

“Please don’t hurt me ” Mother Susan pleaded

“Why? You have sacrificed a lot of innocent souls and now you are scared” Jenny said

“Bring me the two white beings you locked up” Jenny ordered

Mother Susan ran to where the two white beings that helped Jenny in the health center without being sent by the king of light were kept.
Mother Susan brought them out

The two white beings were happy to see Jenny, they perceived that she had come to save them

“Thanks Jenny for saving us” The white beings said

“It’s alright” Jenny said as they walked closer to Jenny

Jenny casted a long powerful spell and a fiery wind burned and swallowed up mother Susan

“I’m happy the curse is broken over you and you are finally able to destroy the kingdom that you have being destined to destroy. we need to go to the kingdom of light to plead for forgiveness, bye” One of the white being said and the two white beings flew away

Jenny casted another spell and she find herself in her room, Robert was no more in the room

Robert had gone back to the kingdom to collect the rod of leadership to lead his pack. He came back to his room to sleep

Jenny slept sound as well

Early in the morning

Jenny woke up and stretched her body. She is happy that she is finally able to break the curse the kingdom of Power placed on her.

She walked out and saw John and Robert searching the rooms

“John, Robert, what happened?” Jenny asked

“Could you believe that we couldn’t find Joy, Love and Peace again in their rooms” John said

“What? ” Jenny said and ran towards them, they searched their rooms but they couldn’t find them

During the search, Jenny found a letter on the stool written by Love

“Guys, I found this letter, guess Love wrote it, can I read it?” Jenny requested

“Sure” John said while Robert nodded

“Robert, John, Jenny, if you are seeing this, we must have gone, the king of light sent his messenger to us in the middle of the night that our time is up on earth, the messenger said Jenny had being freed from the curse with the help of Robert and that she had destroyed the kingdom of powers she is destined to destroy, You may miss us but we love you .
From Love, Joy and Peace” Jenny reads

Robert and John exchanged glances in awe

“So our helpers had gone” Jenny said as she raised her head

Robert sighed

“Jenny, I’m happy for you and I like you too” John said not minding the presence of Robert

“John, I’m sorry, but my heart belongs to Robert, I know you thought it might work out between us , but Robert got me , please” Jenny said politely

John felt sad and looked at Robert . Robert turned his face away, he tried to avoid the gaze of John.

He knows John is sad and he felt pathetic for John

“It’s alright” john said and accepted the truth that Jenny truly belongs to Robert

“Cheer up Robert, I’m cool with your relationship, though it hurts, but I’m gonna be fine” John said

Robert was happy to hear what John said . He turned his face at Robert happily

John moved closer to him and hugged him. Robert received the hug and smiled

John walked out leaving Robert and Jenny alone in the room

“We won” Robert said

“Yes we do” Jenny replied and smiled

“Kisser girl, tell me to kiss you and I will” Robert teased

Jenny giggled and remembered the day she agreed to date Robert, she remembered how she was yelling on Robert to kiss her or else she will hurt him

It was an incredible memory for Jenny

“Kiss me, I say kiss me” Jenny yelled like she did when she was under the curse some weeks ago

Robert understood her sarcasm and moved closer to Jenny

Robert planted a gentle kiss on Jenny’s lips

He disengaged after a while from the kiss

“Hope the kingdom of power are not gonna sacrifice my soul now that I’ve kissed you” Robert teased and pretended like someone that wanted to be crying

Jenny giggled and bite her lower lips gently

She grabbed Robert abruptly and planted a hot deep kiss on Robert’s lips.

???????? The end

Kisser Girl. Episode 15

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