June 18, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 76

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 76

^ Rachael ^

I watched as tears stream from the face of the boss as he narrates his sad experience.

“You lost your bestfriened cause your mother wouldn’t let you go and save her?”

“Yes. It was the worst thing that had ever happen to me. Imagine that you can save someone from dying and you didn’t.

Despite the fact that it was mom that never allowed me to save Molly. I still live all my lives with guilt.

I felt like I could have find a way of leaving that house that day to save my best friend.

Ever since Molly died , I became empty , sad and…you can say the worst about what I had become.

A day wouldn’t go without me having to think about my best friend. Even this morning , I had thought about our memories together.

We were best of friends from my first year at the university till we graduated. We would go to places together and have fun.

Can you tell me one single reason why that wicked woman hates my best friend. To the extent of killing her?”

I sighed. I felt the pain of the boss. It’s a hard thing loosing a loved one. No one can bear the heaviness of the burden. It’s just too much.

“I will never forgive that woman.” The boss yelled as he cried out. He placed his head on the table and began to cry out like a baby.

My eyes was red too and I didn’t even know what to say.

What reason could be behind the woman being this hateful to Molly. Has she perhaps have a misunderstanding with Molly in the past?

According to the boss , Molly is a kind , humble , modest and simple lady.

I need to confront the woman and ask her. Even if I were in the boss position , I would never forgive her.

She’s worst than a murderer. Now , I understand why the boss never wants to set his eyes on that woman again.

I wonder why the woman is now trying to see him now.

How can a mother for crying out loud knows that another human being is about to die and she would stop the person that can help from helping.

“I loved Molly. I missed her.” The boss said as he raised his head.

His face had being littered with tears and I could hardly recognize him again.

His eyes are red and his cheeks are puffy. I could sense anger mixed with pain inside of him.

I still didn’t know how best to comfort a man that has loved his most loved and will still never forget about her even after five years.

“No one, no one can ever be like Molly. She’s the best. She’s all I need but mother took all I need from me. Mother took my happiness from me but that same woman that wouldn’t let me save Molly is there in my house…she’s there in my own house laying sick. ” the boss said and shook his head as tears kept pouring like an heavy rain from his eyes.

He held his head and began to breath faster. I rushed to him and noticed that his temperature are getting higher.

“Boss, you need to calm down.” I said as I stood before him.

I didn’t know how to touch him cause he might get nasty. So I just stood beside him and try to sooth him with the words of my mouth.

“I’m so sorry about your loss, sir.” I said but his hand was still on his forehead.

He stood and picked just his suit. He tried to walk out but stopped all of a sudden.

He staggered back like someone that wanted to faint and I went to guide him from falling.

“I’m so sorry for making you go through this trauma , sir. I shouldn’t have told you to narrate it. Pardon me , sir.”

He looked into my face for few seconds and I lowered my head. I noticed he was still looking at my face so I summoned courage to to take a step closer to him and hug him.

I just wanted him to feel consoled. To my surprise , he hugged me tighter as he cries the more.

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  1. Mama Boss, u no try at all. He just have to forgive his mother, for his own sake. It has happened, no one can change it or reverse it back

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