June 14, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 19 And 20

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Megan’s POV
I felt like the whole alcohol left my system.
I have enough scandal and I don’t want another.
‘You always find a way of destroying yourself,’ Ian said.
‘Were you stocking on her?’ I asked changing the topic.
‘I was coming to your house,’ he said.
‘You can leave, I don’t need visitors,’ I said simply.
I removed my car and he drove off.
I drove to my house stressed, I don’t know what to do anymore.
Laureen’s POV
I had gone to her house to get some clothes because she will be spending the night in our house.
I also left to give my brother, who I don’t know what the problem is, some space.
After I left the scene I reduced the pace going to the house.
I picked all our important things and started driving to our new house.
The house had everything one could ask of.
I got inside the house and everywhere was silent.
I checked all the rooms but they weren’t in.
I wonder where they have gone.
Ian’s POV
I need to act fast, if Megan goes down, she will make sure we go together.
I can’t allow my career getting spoilt.
I picked my phone and called Leonel, I have work for him.
????Hey what’s up?
He asked immediately he picked the call.
????I need you to teach someone a lesson on my behalf.
I said.
????Who is it?
????I’m sending you her details.
????Okay consider it done.
He said and I hanged up.
I drove to my house satisfied.

Nicole’s POV
‘You gave this house?’ Liam asked.
‘No,’ I defended.
‘I know if you are lying, why do you stress yourself?’
‘I’m supposed to be the one doing all this,’
‘Says who?’
‘You have done more than enough for both of us. I’m looking for a job then everything will be fine,’
‘I can give you a job. You can start tomorrow, if you want,’
He’s just so stubborn, I haven’t complained and he’s complaining on my behalf.
Who asked him actually?
I left him there and went upstairs to one of the rooms.
Laureen has pleaded I spend the night here.
It’s not a bad idea but am not for it.
I haven’t eaten anything since morning and am starving.
I threw my bag on the bed, removed my shoes because my legs have started hurting.
I walked past him to the kitchen and he just stared at me.
I checked inside the fridge and got the ingredients I needed.
‘Can we talk?’ he asked from behind and I stopped what I was doing.
‘I’m listening,’ I said simply.
I turned around and sat on the kitchen table facing him.
‘I’m sorry not like am against what you are doing, it’s just that am not used to someone supporting us,’ he said.
‘Who am I in your life? Laureen calls me her sister and you don’t expect me to sit I can help her. What kind of sister would I be?’ I asked.
‘I understand you, but…,’
‘No buts an starving, can I continue cooking?’
‘Find something to eat then we go for a walk,’ he said.
‘Aren’t you hungry?’
‘Don’t worry about me,’
‘Why are you so stubborn?’
‘I’m not stubborn,’
‘Whatever,’ I said getting down.
I returned everything inside and got myself a glass of juice.
‘Where are we going?’ I asked after the drink.
‘Let’s go around the compound, it looks big,’ he said leading the way.
Liam’s POV
I’m just confused, I love her but am afraid to ask her to be my girlfriend.
We are just different, I have tried killing the feelings but I can’t.
I need to think of what to do.
The early the better, before I explode.
Nicole’s POV
We walked to the far end of the compound, he stopped and turned facing me.
He’s acting strange and I can’t tell what’s going through his mind.
‘Whats the problem?’ I asked.
‘Nothing,’ he said simply.
‘Nothing, that’s all you can say. You act strange, then nothing is wrong. Don’t you trust me, can’t I help you? Why am I even bothered and am nothing to you, you can’t trust a stranger,’ I said and wiped the tear that was trying to betray me.

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