June 15, 2021

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He Is With Me. Episode 5

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He is With me

Story by Feathers

(Let us kiss) ????

Episode 5

Carol’s POV

Gary held me out .

“Thanks” I thanked Gary as I ran my eyes through my cloth
“Come and change dear” He said and I nodded
He held me and led me to a room where I can change. I did and came out to meet him afterwards

“Thanks dear, I’m grateful” I said

“I’ll find a way of dealing with that captain” Gary said
“I think you should just leave him , did you believe I’m a prostitute too?” I asked

“Of course not, I know you are responsible”He replied and smile formed on my lips
We walked back to the class and he brought his bag pack to come and sit beside me
” I won’t allow anyone to bully you” He said
This Gary must have being a good guy. I like him.
The first period teacher came in and I brought out my notepad
He commenced his teaching and called on me to answer a question he asked in the middle of his teaching
“I did not know it sir” I replied
“Of course she can’t . All she knows is to seduce men ” George said and the class mocked me
“And all you know is to insult ladies ” Gary replied George
“Please stop that in my class, are you so dull?” The teacher asked me

“She is not dull sir, she just didn’t know this very question, you did not expect her to know all” Gary defended
“Are you her boyfriend, why are you defending her, the question was not directed to you, so what’s all this rubbish you saying?” I asked
“I’m not saying rubbish sir , I’m only insinuating that you should save her the embarrassment , no one knows it all” Gary saod and held my wrist and pull me to sit roughly
” Can you leave my class Mr?” The teacher asked Gary
“I can’t, I paid my fee in full” He replied and the teacher bite his lower lips and continued teaching
“Don’t mind them, I’m not gonna stay here and allow anyone bully you” He said and I nodded
I was expecting George to come for Gary since it’s now break but he didn’t.
Instead, he was busy drawing , he is really good in drawing, I feel like going to tell him to draw me but he is just gonna insult me
“Let’s go take some lunch together” he said and I nodded
I’m glad to see someone like Gary stay with me and ready to defend me from bullies always
George is that guy I’d always crush on. I pray he falls deeply for me someday
I like his drawings, the way he speaks and everything about him
I can’t stop imaging how it will be like if he ever falls for me after all, he has no girlfriend
We arrived at the cafeteria and sat and ordered for food.
We were eating when we noticed some special students entered the class. It’s the number one school bully .
His name is Charles
Everyone fears and respects him, he has three other of his classmates who are his bodyguards
He stared around the cafeteria and unfortunately for me, he came to my place
“Young girl” He said and I raised my head to him
“I guess you’re are her boyfriend, stand up now, I wanna eat with her ” Charles said but Gary hesitated
Charles bodyguard forcefully and roughly pulled Garry off the chair
Charles sat before me and smirked at me
“You are really beautiful, feed me with a spoon of that fries” He said and I arched my brow
I can’t imagine feeding a guy I have no feeling for
“I can’t sir” I said in my mind but I’m scared to say it
“Don’t do it Carol” Gary said and Charles bodyguard started bullying him by beating him
I feel sorry for Gary , but there is nothing I can do
“Do that young girl before my bodyguards force you” He said and smirked at me as he sat comfortably on the chair

This is very irritating right now , I can’t do this but how do I tell him

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