June 8, 2021

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He Is With Me. Episode 6

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He Is With Me. Episode 5

He is With me

Story by Feathers


Episode 6

(Let us kiss) ????

“I’m sorry , I can’t ” I replied fearfully as I bowed my head slightly

I heard him giggle and banged the table violently.

“Bring her to my class” He commanded and his bodyguard held me by my two arms and dragged me roughly after the cafeteria

I have little strength to rescue myself , I just allow them drag me

We met with George on our way to Charles’s class

“Good for you, I hope he punishes you very well” George said and I feel sad that he can’t even help me

I have no idea what Charles will do for me in his class.

We finally got to his class

“Sit down on the floor” He commanded and I hesitated

“You aren’t deaf right? He said you should sit down on that floor” His bodyguard on my left said

I turned at him fearfully and wondered if majority of guys are this cruel, can’t they even feel any pity on me

” Let her go” George said as he enters the class with his friends who follows him everywhere he goes

I was surprised to see him cus I wasn’t expecting anyone to save me not to talk of George

“Excuse me young boy, why should I free her ?” Charles asked George

“I’m captain George of Class 5” George introduced himself and stretched his hand to shake Charles

Charles received the handshake and keep watching George like he’s a kinda ghost

” If you need my help anytime, you can always call me” George said and left Charles and came to me

“You can go your class” George ordered and I left the class

I sluggishly walked out wondering what had just happen , could it be that Charles and George and known each other before or they’ve being in some kinda deal before ?

I walked to my class as sat. I suddenly remembered Gary , where could he be? I shouldn’t just neglect him.

I stood up to find him and I saw him enter the class. I welcomed him with a smile

“I’m sorry for what happened at the cafeteria” I apologized

“It isn’t your fault, I’m happy you refuse to feed that bitch , how did you escape?” He asked

“George came for me” I replied and I could see a look of jealousness on Gary’s face

He opened his mouth but no words were coming out, I have no idea why he is jealous

George entered with his friends and came directly to where Gary and I stood

“Young girl , I advise you to be careful in this school. Charles is not someone you can joke with, he explained everything to me , what’s the big deal in feeding him? Will it kill you?” George asked and I shook my head

“What are you shaking your head for?” George asked

“You understand what she meant, just let this girl be ” Gary said and George turned at him

“How about we go on another round of bullying, seems to me like you are never tired of being beaten” George said and signaled for his friend to start bullying Gary

“Please Captain, leave him please ” I pleaded and George raised his arms up signifying for his friend to stop what they are about to do to Gary

“I’ll pardon him cus you called me captain ” He said and looked directly into my face

I bowed my head when he won’t stop looking at my face

He walked away after a while and I raised my head at Gary

“Don’t mind him” Gary said and we both went to sit

“Gary, I wanna ask, why are you doing all this for me ?” I asked

“Cus I wish too and I like you too. I’d being crushing on you since our first grade but It’s nothing anyways ” He said and I nodded

The next period teacher came in, he was teaching but I wasn’t feeling comfortable cus I feel someone was staring at me

I stylishly turned at the person looking at me and my eyes met with that of George

He quickly took his eyes away and fear surged through my heart

Why is he looking at me?

He Is With Me. Episode 5

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