August 2, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 17

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 17

^Lisa ^

I was tied with chains to the pillar of the forest.

About few moments later, I heard an heavy step aproach me.

“Are you able to get her mother and sister too?”

“No , my Lord. They escaped.” The captain of the soldier answered.

The prince got really angry and drew his sword. He placed it at the neck of the captain of the soldier.

“I should kill you.” He said to the man while the man lowered his head subservient.

“Why in the world can’t you get her siblings?” He yelled agrily again and then shot me that furious look.

He walked up to me. “You flogged a prince?” His voice was low.

“An heir to the throne?” He yelled angrily.

I smirked. “Is it right to make my family a slave?”

“You even have the ordersity to speak after what you have done.” He said and faced the captain of the soldiers.

“Take her to the city and hung her to death.”

” Yes , My Lord.” The captain replied and Dae So walked away.

Oh! I’ll die just like that. At least , I saved my family.

I was taken to the center of the city and and I was hung on a tree. I began to struggle for breath when someone came running.

He’s a messenger to the prince.

“Stop , stop…Free her!” He yelled but the captain walked up to him instead.

“Who sent you?” The captain of the soldiers asked.

“Prince Dae So. She must not die.” He replied on seeing that I was fast loosing breath.

One of the soldiers cut the rope that I hung on and I fell to the floor.

I was exhaling heavily.

Why would he order for them to kill me, then tell them to stop the killing again?”

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