July 28, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 77

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 77


The boss disentangled after few minutes and sniffed in tears. He walked out.

I went to my desk and quickly packed my luggage, I went out after him.

He was about to kick start his car when I appeared at the other side of his car.

He turned to me through the window and let the window slide down.

“I want to see your mom , sir.” I said and he faced front.

I opened the door and stepped in after which he drove off.

About forty minutes later, we arrived at his house. We never spoke to each other all the times that we were inside the car.

His eyes were swollen and his cheeks are red. I could discern sadness on his face.

He walked inside the house while I followed.

“Rachael!” His brother called as soon as he saw me.

He probably wasn’t expecting me to come.

“It’s a surprise!” He exclaimed and I smiled. Fact is ; I’m not really in a good mood because of the sad experience that the boss had just narrated to me.

“Where is mom?” I asked.

“Oh! I guess that was why you came. She was really sick.”


“Yes, she’s fine now. She will be glad that you came to visit her. Follow me.” He said and I obliged.

I followed him to where his mom is and the woman shot me a welcoming smile.

I walked to her with a swoon smile. “He told me you are fine now.”

“Yes , my daughter.” the woman replied.

“I need to speak to mom.” I said to the boss’s brother.

“Oh!… Fine ,it’s okay.” He said cheerfully and walked out.

The woman looked into my face curiously but her mood was live. She obviously didn’t know what I was about to converse.

“Why did you hate Molly?”


“Yes , Molly: Jason’s best friend.”

“I can’t say precisely. I just never liked her. I do not want her around my son. “

“I know you did not want her around your son. My question is: why did you hate here? Did she offend you or something?”

“She did nothing wrong. I just disliked her. “

“Is that enough reason not to allow your son to go and save her on the day she needed help?”

“I thought that someone else’s will donate the blood. I never wish for her to die.”

“You are a very wicked mother. The truth is this: you are a murderer cause you killed Molly.”

I stood angrily and walked away from her.

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