July 26, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 21 And 22

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Nicole’s POV
‘I’m tired, you don’t talk, just following behind like a bodyguard. I never said I needed one. If you don’t want anything to do with me, say it and I will leave. Don’t worry about your sister, we will meet at work,’ I yelled as more tears found their way.
I felt broken, I know I messed up big time by falling for him, but it’s not all my fault.
I can’t control my heart, I wish I could.
I wish I could get rid of all the feelings, I will gladly do.
‘I wish I never loved you,’ I said and covered my mouth.
‘I’m sorry, apologize to Laureen on my behalf I need to leave,’ I said and turned to walk away but he got hold of my hand.
He pulled me to himself and covered my lips with his.
Liam’s POV
I never to make her cry. It’s also hard for me to make a decision.
Her words hurt.
I pulled her closer and wrapped my hands around her waist.
I disengaged from the kiss after a while and hugged her.
I’m not fond of words but I can change for her.
Nicole’s POV
I rested my head on his chest as tears roll down my face.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said and kissed my hair.
I raised my head and stared at him.
He raised his hand and wiped the tears with his thumb.
‘Don’t cry, you don’t look nice,’ he said but those weren’t the words I wanted to hear from him.
Who am I to him? Does he love me like I love him?
I had all this questions but he isn’t giving me the answers I want.
He isn’t helping the case.
He was just staring at my face like I had something on.

Nicole’s POV
‘Who am I to you?’ I asked once again but he didn’t answer.
‘I’m tired of being ignored. I need to know, to mark my space,’ I said again.
‘I can’t just be talking to myself, I haven’t turned crazy. Let me go,’ I yelled and ran to the house.
I slammed the door and sat there crying.
Why did I love him?
Of all guys I have met, why him?
‘Sister, are you okay?’ Laureen asked from outside.
‘Yeah, I just need to be alone,’ I said.
‘But you’re crying,’
‘It’s nothing,’ I said and sniffed.
Laureen’s POV
I was seated on the couch when Nicole ran upstairs in tears.
Liam came in afterwards, threw his jacket in the couch and sat on the couch.
He rested his head on his hands and looked deep in thoughts.
I wonder what went wrong on their date.
I tried talking to Nicole but she didn’t open the door.
‘Can you tell me what happened?’ I asked Liam and he just stared at me.
‘Just talk already, what’s wrong?’
‘She loves me,’ he said and I smiled.
‘That’s good news, it needs celebration,’ I said.
‘You don’t understand. I can’t give her the life she’s used to,’
‘Since when did you start being a jerk?’
‘I’m not in the mood for your jokes,’
‘I’m not joking, get your self out of that place. Go and apologize, that innocent girl doesn’t deserve to cry,’
‘Make use of your mouth and express yourself,’ I said and pulled him up.

Nicole. Episode 23 And 24
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