June 20, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 59

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 59


Hope he hasn’t being told that I’m the lady that once came to visit him at his house and ran away.

“Is everything alright , sir?”

“No, Suzan was rushed to the hospital.”

“Oh! I’m so sorry about that , sir. I’ll see you some other time.” I stood and carried my small hand bag.

I was about to walk away when I turned to him.

“You asked me to know if what you are doing is wrong or not. My take is that: it is wrong to force love at this age and time. There are many men that obviously love Suzan and would even treat her better than Jason, please reconsider sir. ” I walked away.

I arrived home and I saw Jason’s mom about driving out. I went to the window of the car and she said: How are you Melissa? Suzan had being taken by the ambulance to the hospital. I need to go and check on her.”

“I think we should go together.”

“No, she would think we are on the same page , you can come on your own.”

“Fine , then.” I replied and the woman drove off

I walked inside the room and called on Jason. He appeared about few seconds later.


“How are you doing?”

“Fine. Welcome, Sit down “

We both sat.

“How was it?”

“It went has planned. I can’t say precisely if he had being convinced or otherwise but I’m pretty sure that he would think about what I said.”

“What next now?”

“I need to visit Suzan at the hospital. Are you going with me? “

“No, I’m not going to visit that girl and must you go?”

“Yes, I have my reasons.”

He nodded and I stood and went to the hospital that Suzan is.

On entering , I saw her father and Jason’s mon sitting on either side of her.

I walked to her sullenly and she let her eyes gaze at me.

I sat beside her and her father peeked at me. I knew he hardly recognizes people so I’m not bothered.

I could have said something comforting to Suzan but his father might recognize my voice.

“Dad ,I’ll be fine.” Susan said as she looked into her dad’s face.

“Is she your friend?” Her father asked referring to me and Suzan smirked.


‘Fine. Susan, I need to discuss with you. I’m sorry this has to be on the sick bed but it’s being troubling me. I found out that Jason did not love you. Is that true?”

Susan hesitated for a while before answering. “Yes, dad.”

“How about you forget about him and give other men chance.”

She looked at her dad in astonishment. “Dad! Is this you?”

“Yes , dear. I mean: Instead of forcing yourself on a man that does not clearly love you , why not just let go of it. You will…”

She interrupted her dad. “Spare me that advice ,dad. You made me love this guy even before I set my eyes on him. You promised me he is the best man on earth and just like I can’t wait to see him , he can’t wait to see me too. Every single day , you talk about him until I my mind became colonized to believe that he’s the perfect man for me. And now ,I’m deeply in love with him. I felt like I can not live the world without him. I felt like I would be empty forever if we did not end up together. I’m trying all my best for us to be together but you suddenly wanted to turn your back from me, right?”


“Don’t call me. Leave , leave! Just leave me. ” She yelled.

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