July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 18

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 18

^ Lisa’s mother^

I regret the fact that Lisa never get to live with us for major part of her lifes. She had just started living with us three years ago.

She had spent all her years in Yuan, my husband’s country.

We use to live in the palace happily , I was the head of the maid and the head of the women in charge of helping our women give birth.

I visit my husband at Yaun every weekends and it was all going well until a fight ensued between my country: Goryeo and Yuan, my husband country.

My husband is a top official at the governmentt of Yuan and he couldn’t have lost that position just to come live with me in my country.

Plus , I should be the one to join him in his country but because of my position at the palace , I didn’t think it’s time yet to go join him.

When the fight got tough between the two countries to an extent, he sent a message to me to send me our first daughter while I take care of our second daughter.

I knew it’s fair to let him take care of one of our daughters. I sent Lisa to him and hoped that he doesn’t die in battle.

Many maidens of the palace really liked me and I find favor before the king. Everyone loves me cause of my positivity.

I had helped many women give birth to their babies easily including the Queens.

The King knew pretty well that I’ve got an husband at Yuan but he never reacted negatively to me just cause of that.

Everything changes for the bad when I received the sad news that my husband died in battle.

It was the saddest day of my life cause I loved him so much and he loves me too. He’s the perfect kind of man anyone would have ever wished for.

I cried so much that I couldn’t eat for four days.

I became worried for what will be the fate of Lisa. Who would take care of her over there?

In what arms would she be?

Her sister was still young at my hand then. I couldn’t go to Yuan cause the border has being closed. Even if I want to write a message, I did not know who to write it too.

My husband once told me his brother is also living at Yuan but I didn’t know his name neither do I know where he lives.

I assume that his brother would take care of Lisa.

I resumed my work in the palace.

When the king find out that my husband had died, he invited me over. I was thinking he wanted to comfort my broken self but I was shocked to the gut when he proposes to marry me.

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