July 26, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 78

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Never Knew She:s Beautiful.

Episode 78


I walked back to the living room and saw the boss’s brother resting on the chair.

“You look lean.” He noticed

“I’m fine. ” I said and the boss came around.

“Where is mom?” He asked his brother.

“Inside. ” his brother replied.

“I need her to leave , right away.” the boss said.

“Brother!” The boss’s brother called as he stood.

“Brother, please understand my plight. That is what I want. This woman is a killer.”

“But she has changed. See! Change is the only constant thing in life. People change.”

“How does her change wake Molly from the dead?”

“How long will you keep mourning Molly, brother. How long?”

“For as long as I live.” The boss yelled.

‘This is my house , right? I need her to leave or I will force her to leave myself.”

The woman dragged herself into view and watched her twin exchange a conversation that centers on her.

“Hey! Woman. I need you to leave.” The boss said.

“My son.” The woman called softly, it was a pathetic tone.

“I stopped being your son since the day you killed my best friend. I hate you!” The boss screamed.

“I know that my acts are unforgivable. But…I want to die here.”

“Huh? Not here , woman.” The boss said and went to where the cell phone is.

“Common ,brother. What are you trying to do?” The boss’s brother asked as he approved him.

“To call the cops , of course.”

“You are inviting the cops to arrest your own mother or what?”

The boss dropped the cell phone. “If you did not want that , take this woman away from here “

“Fine , I will.” He said and went inside to pack the luggage of the woman.

“Mother , we need to leave.” The boss’s brother said.

“Or…could you find a place in your heart to forgive me?” The woman pleaded almost silently.

“If forgiving you will raise Molly from the dead. I will. Otherwise, you will never find my favor till you die.”

The woman nodded and let tears flow through her cheek.

She walked out with the boss.

Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 79
Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 77

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