July 26, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 23 And 24

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Liam’s POV
I have a psycho for a sister.
She helped me up and pushed me upstairs.
I’m just confused, can’t she understand?
I knocked at her door but she didn’t respond and it was locked.
‘She locked it,’ I told Laureen who was behind me.
‘Just stand there am coming,’ she said and ran to her room.
She came back with a bunch of keys.
‘I don’t know which one opens but try them out,’ she said and handed them to me.
After several trials the door open.
Nicole was lying on the floor and her face was pale.
I felt pain in my heart seeing her in that condition.
She had marks of tears on her pretty face.
‘If you don’t create that mess, forget we are related,’ Laureen said and left.
I lifted her up and placed her on bed.
I laid next to her and pulled her closer.
Nicole’s POV
I opened my eyes as I felt someone cuddling me.
‘I need to be alone,’ I said after seeing him.
‘I can’t leave you like this,’
‘Wow, so you need an award for the best actor. Since when did you start to care?’
‘I’m sorry for being a jerk. I just can’t give you the life you are used to at this time,’
There he goes again.
‘If there is nothing else to say, you can leave,’
‘Okay, it’s true I love you but at least understand. I can’t go to the media like this, I need a job and a good one,’
‘You aren’t planning on announcing your status to the world, are you?’
‘That wasn’t what I meant,’
‘You need a job, I’ll give you one. From tomorrow I’ll hand over my restaurant to you,’
‘I don’t want you to always give me,’
‘It will be yours to run and manage, if it fails then it won’t be my fault. You want to be on the same level as me, I’ll make it happen,’ I said sternly.
‘If taking it will make you happy then I don’t have a choice,’
‘Will you be my girlfriend?’
‘Nop, you need to be more creative,’
‘You are crazy,’
‘I know, my manager tells me that daily,’ I said with a smile.

Laureen’s POV
I sat with my dish full of popcorn watching a movie when my phone beeped.
???? Is the girl you were with your friend?
????More than a friend, she’s my sister. What’s up.
????Have been given a message to destroy her.
????What! By who.
????Some guy, Ian.
????Just play it cool, I also want to destroy him. He crossed my path.
????Okay, then you’ll tell me your plan.
I dropped my phone on the couch and left to look for Liam.
The door was open so I just got in and they were busy cuddling on bed.
That’s good news, they have made up.
‘We have a problem,’ I said.
‘Problem that you don’t know how to knock,’ Liam said.
‘Give me a break, like the door was locked,’
‘Go ahead say it,’ Liam said.
‘Leonel has been told to destroy Nicole,’ I said and Liam sat up.
‘This man always likes crossing my path,’ he said angrily.
‘You can’t even be patient and listen. You didn’t even ask who sent him,’
‘Who sent him?’
‘Ian,’ I said.
‘What! How did you know?’ Nicole asked.
‘Leonel is my friend, we grew in the slums together before my brother got a more stable job,’ I said.
‘Who is he?’
‘The guy who attacked you in the club the first day you visited,’ Liam said and I was shocked.
I ran downstairs, picked my phone and called him.
????Can you tell me why you attacked her?
I said angrily.
????I haven’t done it yet.
????Did you get into a fight with my brother?
????Yeah, but it was just some random girl in the club.
????It’s wasn’t some random girl, she’s the same one.
Just wait for my call and I’ll tell you what to do.
Try and get information from him on why he wants her destroyed.
????You should start planning on how to change. This isn’t a good life, destroying people.
I said and he went silent.
????I know it was for protection at that time but we are already grown up.
????Where will I get a job?
He asked.
????I’ll call you back, let me see what I can do.
I said and he hanged up.
I looked up and they were walking downstairs.
‘He’s sorry for what he did,’ I said.
‘It’s fine,’ she said with a smile.
‘I asked him to find out why Ian wants to destroy you,’
‘Thank you,’
‘Who is this Ian?’ Liam asked.
‘He’s a model, we once did a shoot together some months back. He goes with every girl he finds and I hate him. I have insulted him severally,’ Nicole said and I sighed.

Nicole. Episode 25 And 26
Nicole. Episode 21 And 22

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