July 27, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 150

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He And Her V.

Episode 150

I opened my eye after what looked like hours. I noticed I was laying beside her.

Why in the world would I just sleep off that way. That’s kind of suspicious.

I glimpsed at her and I noticed her eyes were closed which might imply that she’s sleeping.

I darted my head right and left and I find my phone by the locker beside her.

I stood hurriedly and walked there. I picked my phone and search the contacts that I saved but I could not find it.

I felt really pained and angry. She outsmarted me this time

I walked out to my room. Just as I sunk to my bed , an idea popped inside.

I picked my phone immediately and went to the back ups of my contact. I find all those contacts saved and untouched.

I exhaled happily. I thought that I had lost them all.

Time to take them all down , now.

I wrote their names in a book and created a column for their address.

I sent the numbers to a man that use to work for my sister years ago. I had told him to ensure that I get the address of the numbers before the next eight hours.

I kept hoping that he sees it and replies as fast as he can.

“Sure, five thousand dollar sir.”

I immediately called my bank manager and told him to transfer the money that the man had required to him.

“Confirmed sir.” His message entered about an hour later.

Five hours Later!

I was at the gym in my house training myself. Trying to use the cops to end Grace is what can never be effectivee cause she’s a secrete agent for the government and one with a high rank at that.

My phone buzzed and I went to check , it was from the man.

“Check your Mail sir.” His message reads.

I opened my Email immediately and the address of those men were listed.

I just hope those addresses are their permanent address cause the address were generated from where the digit has stayed long for the past six months.

I went inside to shower and dressed my best. I walked to my car and entered.

I drove straight to the address. As soon as I parked before the house, I placed a facial mask of an unknown man on my face and a glove to hide my fingerprint.

I tucked my gun and walked towards the house carefully.

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