June 19, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 19

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 19

^ Prince Dae So ^

Father had invited me over to his chamber.

While walking towards his chamber , I can not but wonder what he must have invited me for.

On getting to his chamber , his guards lowered their heads to me in honor and escorted me to his room.

They excused father and I.

“Good afternoon , father.”

He nodded and gestured for me to sit. I obliged.

“Have you considered the king of Yuan’s daughter?” He asked.

Father is very principle somebody and he does not tolerate indiscipline from anyone. One singular reason why he is feared and respected in all regions.

“Father!” I called with a shaky mouth. How will I tell him that I have no affection for that lady?

“I see , you never liked her. I don’t really care if you like her or not. You need to take her as your wife. This is the only we can stop war permanently between the two countries. ” He said.

“Be patriotic and do this for your country. You can marry as many women as you like later but accept this woman first.” He added.

“Father!” I called and still couldn’t speak.

“Speak.” He ordered.

“I’ll think about it, my Lord.” I lowered my head.

“There is nothing to think about, the messenger of the king of Yuan is arriving tomorrow. We need to give him a reply.”

“I can’t make love with a woman that I do not love , father.”

My father bite his lips angrily.

“You are the heir to the throne. Why are you this way! Are you not concerned about the country?”

“I am very much concerned ,my Lord. But…The last war, we both retreated , no one won.”

‘No one won the battle but majority of our soldiers died. These soldiers are fathers to children. Husband to wives. Are you not concerned at all? If war breaks lose again, either we win or not. Did you know that the number of widows will increase. The number of orphans will increase. There will be scarcity of food and citizens would be in fear of being enslaved for the rest of their lives. ” Father explained.

I exhaled and thought.

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