June 15, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 79

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 79

^ Rachael ^

The boss and I were left standing in the room. The boss’s brother and his mother had walked out.

“She told me that she didn’t expected Molly to die. She had thought that someone else would donate the blood since you are obviously not the only one in the world with that type of blood.”

“Did you care to ask her why she hates Molly so much?”

‘I did.” I sighed. “She told me she can’t find a single reason for hating her.”

“Did you now see why I can never forgive her? Not like she’s trying to protect me or something. She broke me…Ouch!”

“Molly is dead, you need to get over her , sir.”

He smirked and looked at me. “Molly hasn’t die.” His voice was soft. “She lives in my heart.” He screamed.

He rested his two hands on his knees while griding his teeth in pain.

“Please, forgive your mother. Forgiving her will surely not make Molly come back from the dead but forgiving her will set you free. You will be a better version of yourself , sir.”

“I believe this is not whom you use to be. You changed into the man you had always hated just because of the death of Molly. You have a terrible feeling that had enslaved your heart always ministering to your mind that ‘you can never find anyone as perfect as the Molly’. ” I said and there was a silence for a while. “That’s just a mirage , sir. Forgiveeness is good for your health , sir.”

He remained silent still.

“Molly loves me , not because of the money that I had. She just loves my personality. Many ladies this days are actually interested in my money. None of them can love me as much as Molly does.”

“Here comes the deception that had built a strong hold in your mind , sir. There are better ladies than Molly , if you permit me to say.’ He came to look into my face.

” Really?”

I nodded.

“Where can I find them?”

“Them? Isn’t just one okay. Plus do you think you are ready to have one now? Are you sure you are ready to be in a relationship with a lady now?”

“It’s being a while I being mourning Molly in my heart. Maybe it’s high time I give anther lady a chance.”

I nodded.

“Where did you say those ladies are?” He asked. “I mean the good ones that are not materialistic?”

I smiled. ” Here.”


“I’m the perfect kind of lady you need ,don’t you think so?”

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