June 8, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 25 And 26

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I never thought Ian could stoop this low to hurt me.
I took the stairs to my room, it has always been my room when I come here.
I laid down and faced the ceiling.
I need to think of what to do before he does something bad.
He may as well as use someone else.
There was a knock on my door that snapped me from my thoughts.
‘Come in, it’s open,’ I said looking at the door.
‘You okay?’ Liam asked with his charming smile.
‘Yeah, just thinking what I did to Ian to think of harming me,’ he chuckled.
‘He’s jealous, that’s the reason,’ he said and I sighed.
‘He will also be jealous of you,’ I said and he smirked.
‘Like I care, as long as he doesn’t cross my path we are good,’ he said and I laughed.
He knows how to put a smile on my face.
‘Aren’t you asleep?’ I asked.
‘I interrupted something?’ he asked and I shrugged.
‘It’s late I didn’t expect you to be awake,’
‘I sleep later than this, if that’s even correct English. Can I join you?’ he asked and I blushed.
‘No problem,’ I said and adjusted to create space for him.
I woke up early and went to prepare breakfast for all of them.
After cooking I took a bath, I dressed and went back to the kitchen.
I have a meeting early and I need to make in time.
I’m really trying not to get into trouble with my manager.
I want to be a good girl.
‘Morning baby, I guess your night was good,’ I recognized that voice and looked behind me.
He was standing at the door with his hands in the pocket.
I turned back to face him and nodded.
He walked closer and we were only inches apart.
‘Never knew you were an early riser,’ he said tucking my hair behind my ear.
‘I have a meeting with my manager. Then I visit my aunt, she will be needing an explanation on where I was,’ I said with a smile.
‘Aunts’ baby, I thought she was your mom,’
‘Nowadays she’s nice and sweet, that drug I pray her boyfriends give her daily,’
‘Is she being drugged?’ he asked concerned and I laughed.
‘I don’t know but ever since she met him, she had been gradually to the better,’
‘Do you have a cousin?’
‘Her husband died before they got a baby,’ I said and he sighed.
‘That’s bad. I’ll drive you to the meeting,’
‘Go and freshen up, breakfast is ready,’ I said and he kissedd me before leaving.

I drove to meet my manager, we have a meeting with Nicole her manager and that disgusting girl who wants to take my place.
I was ten minutes late, I got down from my car and as I turned I spotted my Prince Charming.
I straightened my dress and cat walked towards him.
He was leaning on his car operating his phone.
He was hot, he had a black Jean trouser and a white shirt.
He had a golden chain on his neck, an ear ring on one ear.
His hair was well set.
‘Hi,’ I said nervously.
He looked up at me and stylishly pushed his hair back.
I swallowed down the gulp as he looked at me.
‘Hi,’ he said.
‘I didn’t know you are also a model,’ I said.
He smiled and showed me his cute dimples.
If he becomes a celebrity then ladies would go crazy.
‘I brought some people here,’ he said and I nodded.
‘Can I have your number?’ I asked.
I looked at him but his stare was somewhere else.
I followed his eyes and I saw that girl,
Laureen walking towards us.
‘Are you done?’ he asked looking at her.
‘We are waiting for her,’ she said pointing at me.
Who is she to him?
‘You aren’t leaving until we are done?’ she asked and he nodded.
‘I can’t leave my sweet sister,’ he said with a smile.
‘What brought you here?’ he asked.
‘Someone sent me to check how you are doing,’ she said.
‘I’m fine, go so that the meeting won’t take long,’ he said.
She smiled and started walking away.
If she’s his sister then to get to him I need to be in good terms with her.

Nicole. Episode 27 And 28
Nicole. Episode 23 And 24

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