June 13, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 18

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The V Stripper.

Episode 18.

^ Stone ^

I heard the doctor screamed suddenly and I reasoned for what could have happened to him.

Did he slump or something? That stupid girl must obviously be in the sitting room.

And this man screamed at the entrance. I picked the drug he had told me to use. I swallowed it and about few minutes later, I regained enough strength to stand.

I walked hurriedly to the entrance and opened the door wide. I saw the doctor laying on the floor staring at me and struggling to speak.

“What happened to you?” I asked and looked around. I walked to the living room to search for that girl so it won’t be that he had bite her.

That is not possible though cause there is no way she could have crawled to my entrance.

But she could , though cause she once did.

I was getting weak again so I hurriedly went to sit. I began to exhale heavily , where in the world could this lady be?

I noticed someone walking towards me from behind. I turned fearfullly to see who it was.

It was Jennie to my surprise.

She came and sat before me.

“You! How did you stand? How are you healed?” I asked?

She smirked. “Hand over my money to me or I will bite you again , this time, you may not recover.

” Don’t bite me please, I’m really weak. Once I give you the money , please don’t revenge on me.Just leave.”

She smirked without saying a word.

” You are wasting my time.” She said and stood.

I summoned the little strength I have left and stood. I know I might fall anytime soon and I would need to take another pill to regain strength again.

This would go on for another one week. I just need her not to bite me or hurt me.

I walked inside my room to my wardrobe and counted the money we had agreed on. I gave it to her and she counted it to confirm.

“Good of you.” She said and ran out.

” Shit! ” I cursed and fell.

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