July 31, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 61

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24 Hours With The Ruthoess Billionaire.

Episode 61


“How do you plan on helping me?” Susan asked.

“Quiet simple, I’ll help you find a better and lovable man than Jason.”

She nodded. “I will order for the release of your family.” She said and I smiled faintly.

I won finally.

“I need you to follow me to party tonight , will you?”

“I have always wanted to party, with a man though.” She let out.

“It won’t be bad going out with a lady , you know?”

“Sure.” Her smile was faint.

At Night

Susan and I were dressed so beautifully that I kind of felt like all eyes were on us.

We stepped inside the beautiful club, the lightenings of different colours made it really glamorous.

We took a sit and sat before each other. We were shortly served a drink and began to drink.

“You like this place?” I asked.

“Sure, looks beautiful. Have you being here before?”

“No, this is my first time. But I love it.”

She nodded with a smile. “Let’s dance.”

I giggled. “Are you for real?”

We both stood and began to dance to the beautiful music. Anyone would have thought we were le-sbian.

After dancing for a while, we went to sit.

“You danced like a crocodile.” Suza teased and I giggled.

“For real?”

She nodded.

“Well, guess how you danced , then?”


“Like an elephant.” She chukled and ordered a server to wait. She picked two ice creams from inside the server that was being carried around.

She presented one to me and just when I was about to collect it , she drew her hands back.


“You really want an ice cream from someone dancing like an elephant!”

“Give me please. Okay , fine. You dancing like a…a…rat ” I laughed.

“Rat!” She called pathetically and lowered her head crying.

I bent under the table and saw her teary face.

” Aw!” I stood and raised her head up. “Okay , fine. You are dancing like … Michael Jackson. “

She smiled and cleaned the tears on her face. She then presented the ice cream to be.

I began to lick it happily.

“You said I was dancing like a crocodile too.” I said hoping that she corrects it too.

“To be frank , you dance like some aged women but you want me to say something sweet about you , right? Well, I had say you dance like …Bruno Mars or….erm…Chris Brown.” She chukled.

“Excuse me ,ma’am. Can we have a dance together?” A well built handsome man asked Suzan.

She brought her face to mine and I gestured for her to go ahead and have all the fun with the man.

She stood nervously and went to the dance floor to dance with the man.

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