July 30, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 20

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 20

^ Lisa ^

I was taken back to the palace and placed at the little floor they behead traitors. The Prince came around after three days.

I was not given food for three days. I was starving so bad and thirsty too. The sun hits me every afternoon.

It was a horrible and unimaginable experience.

The prince stood before me. He didn’t come with his guards. I had being chained to a ring there.

“Hope you are enjoying your poor self here?” He asked with a smirk.

” Why did you stop them from killing me?”

He smirked. “I can’t just let you die that way. Not because you are special but because I want you to go through severe torture such as the one you are currently going through “

“And what is your gain, prince? “

‘Thanks for calling me prince.” He smiled. ‘I stand to gain a lot, you know…seeing you starve , seeing you stand under the sun at day and sit under the moon at night is my greatest joy. “

“When you become a king, will you treat your citizens this way?”

“Yes , any arrogant citizen should be thought a lesson.”

I lowered my head weakly.

“What would you like to eat?” He asked.

“I do not need your food. I will either die or survive. I’ve submitted my fate to the gods.”

He laughed. “Your fate is in my hand.”

He laughed so hard again.

“The king is telling me to agree to marry a woman from Yuan to avoid war. I do not love that woman. “

I smirked. “I believe you know that you are speaking to the wrong person”

“Advise me , what should I do? Father said I should accept her for the sake of the kingdom, that means I must make love with her but I can’t. I seriously can’t.”

“Your words are nonsense in my ears. “

“I know but I need your advise. “

“You need advise from the one you are punishing. Go and ask the wise men of the palace or your guards. “

“I would have but I think you can advise me.”

“Even if you accept her , there would still be war.”

“How! Explain?” He asked curiously.

“Wait here for another 100 years, I will explain. Foolish prince. “.

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