August 4, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 80

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 80


“You! Why you?”

“Don’t you love me?” I asked.

“Is this some sort of joke. It’s incredible to ever think that I can ever love a poor nonentity like you. “

“Oh! But you kissed the poor nonentity. Not once , not twice. “

“You forced me too , alright? Don’t make a big deal out of it.”

“Did you have anyone you have admired so far apart from Molly?”

“Sure, she’s so beautiful and pretty but I’ve disappointed her many times. As we speak, she doesn’t really want to see me. “

“Why? Was there a quarrel?”

“No, truth is that I do not really know if I love her or not but I’m pretty sure she’s got a place in my heart. But, I think she’s kind of materialistic and possessive “


“Yes, I bought a very exorbitant car for her. I gave her money to buy me pill for my big head but she wants to a assume the post of my secretary. She wants me to sack you?”

“Sad! And why didn’t you sack me?”

“I wish I could but I can’t. “

“But why?”

“I kind of like seeing you around.”

I peeked directly into his eyes. “Why would you like seeing me around since you did not love me?”

“I can’t explain.” He shook his head.

“You just said you did not know if you are in love or not. That’s weird. Maybe you actually love me and you did not know.”

“That I like seeing you around doesn’t even imply that I love you. “

“So ,you want your brother and I to be together for real?”

He maintained a straight head without saying a word.

He turned to me all of a sudden and starred directly into my face. His face was expressionless.

“Do you Love me?” He asked to my utmost surprise.

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