July 26, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 27 And 28

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Megan’s POV
I was in the meeting physically, but mentally I couldn’t get him out of my mind.
His cute smile and sweet voice.
I can give anything to hear his voice again.
The meeting came to an end and I was the first to leave. Those two had things to sign.
I walked to him, he was in the car but the door was open.
‘Hi,’ I said and he looked up to face me.
Is he cold or something?
Or maybe he doesn’t talk.
‘Hi,’ he said calmly.
‘You look nice,’ I tried to start a conversation with him.
‘You don’t look bad either,’ he said and I smiled.
Coming from him was like music to my ear.
‘Can I get your contact maybe we can talk later,’ I said as he stood.
I looked behind me and Laureen was running towards us.
He closed the door and opened his arms for her.
I wish one day he can do the same for me.
I would be the happiest girl on earth.
She jumped on him as he rotated with her.
Nicole had gotten to where we were when he placed her down.
‘Guess what!’ Laureen said happily.
‘You know I don’t guess,’ he said.
‘I got signed in the agency,’ she said and it came as a shock to me.
It’s to soon and it isn’t good to me either.
‘Congratulations,’ he said and hugged her again.
‘Thank you,’ he said hugging Nicole.
I felt anger rising in me or maybe it’s jealousy.
It was like am invisible.

Megan’s POV
‘Let’s get going,’ Laureen said.
‘Okay, bye Megan,’ he said and opened the door for them.
He drove away and left me standing.
Nicole’s POV
He drove us to the park.
‘We are going to our house after this,’ Laureen said.
‘I need to get home, my aunt must be worried,’ I said.
‘Just today, we celebrate,’ she complained.
‘I’ll go home then come back later,’ I said and she nodded.
We had a wonderful time at the park. After the ride we got some ice creams and they drove me to my house.
After spending some time with my aunt they left.
Ian’s POV
????I think they are dating.
Megan said.
I was shocked. Nicole is mine and mine alone.
????I want Liam to myself.
She said.
????Then if we work together we will both benefit.
????Good. What do we do?
She asked.
????Let me think then I’ll inform you.
I said and hanged up.
How dare he, take my woman away.
I would have been in good terms with him but he just crossed my path.
He thinks he can wake up one morning and take things away from me.
I called Leonel to see how far he has gone, I need to tell him the change of plan.
He said immediately he picked.
????There is a change of plan.
????What is it?
????I need her unhurt. Get Liam for me. Call me once you have him.
I said and hanged up without waiting for his reply.
I don’t even need him to give me any.

Nicole. Episode 29 And 30
Nicole. Episode 25 And 26

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