August 3, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 19

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The V Stripper.

Episode 19

^ Jennie!”

Thirty Minutes Ago

As soon as I bite the doctor
and he fell. The box he was holding fell too.

I reasoned that the pill he gave Stone might be in his box. I opened it and saw some pills there.

Without even confirming if it were the right pill or not ,I used it and to my surprise , I start to gain energy.

I soon have enough strength to stand. I picked all the pills he has and went to hide somewhere till Stone comes out of his room.


I walked out of the house as soon as I can. My mind was on my sister , I had no idea what that stupid landlord would have done to him.

On arriving home, I went to my room straight and saw that it was closed.

I turned around wondering where my sister could be. I didn’t even have a phone to put a call across to her.

I suddenly saw the landloard having a conversation with someone opposite the house.

I went there to meet him and he excused the person he was having a conversation with.

“Why do you look so messed up?”

“It’s none of your problem, where is my sister?”

‘Your sister!” He laughed. “I’m not your sister’s keeper , you know that?”

“My sister is suppose to be in this place. What did you do to her?” I asked sternly?

“You do not have to accuse me , though. She told me to tell you anytime you come around that she will be staying in her friend’s place. “

“Which of her friend!” I mumbled. “Did she give you the address?”

He hesiated before replying. “Sure , but…you pay to get it”

“What in the world does that imply? Common! I’m not paying, just give me the address right away.”

“That sounds like a command. Just five hundred dollar. ” he walked away.

I sighed. I really do not want to give this man a dime of my money but I guess I have to.

I really need to see my sister , I need to see how she’s faring.

“Hey! ” I called and he turned from when he was speaking with.

“Excuse me!” He said to the man and walked to me. “Hey woman , you are really disturbing me. I’m having a very important conversation with someone. “

I gave him the 500 dollar and he laughed. He read the address out of his phone to me and I memorized it immediately.

I chattered a cab immediately to the address and on entering , I saw my sister laying on the biggest chair in the living room.

“Baby!” That is what I’m use to calling her.

She stood from the chair and ran to me with so much happiness.

She hugged me. “I’ve missed you sister.”

“Same here.” I could hear her sniff in tears. She has missed me so much.

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