June 13, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 62

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24 Hours With The Ruthles Billionaire.

Episode 62


I watched as Susan discussed with the man even as they danced. I drank gently and enjoyed all the activities going on in the club.

A message popped in on my phone. I opened it and saw that it was from mom. It reads: ” Hey, you are pretty aware that we were abducted. The man that abducted us put a call across to you and before us but you didn’t even respond like you care. Have you forgotten about us totally? Anyways, we have being freed.”

I smiled on reading it. She doesn’t know that although I pretended to the man like I do not care what he does for them but who in her right sense wouldn’t care what happens to her own family.

I only get their freedom through another means. She doesn’t even know that I worked their freedom out.

I won’t go home still until I’ve made it.

“Hey!” Susan jerked me off my thought. “You are sleeping or what?”

“I was lost in a sweet thought. What’s up with the man?”

“Dancing with him was my pleasure. He’s cute, right?”

“Erm…sure, yes.”

Suzan nodded. “He said I’m beautiful and that he likes me. “

“Just that?”

“He said he wants to know me more and gave me his contact to reach out to him anytime. “

“Hum! Are you going to reach out to him?”

“I do not think so.”

“Why? He’s cute… So?”

“Hum! Maybe I will consider.”

I winked at her and she smiled.

Susan and I had returned home and I had launched into a deep sleep before a phone call woke me.

I reluctantly find and picked the phone.

Without even checking whom the caller is, I pressed the green button.

“Hey miss Melissa, I believed I had given you enough time to make your decision. You are to come over in three days time. If you’ve concluded too, I will send you details of the jet that would transport you over.”

“Good morning , sir.” I greeted him.

“Pardon my manners. Good morning.” He hung up and I sighed as I dropped the phone on the table.

I should try as much as possible to ensure that Suzan has developed interest in another man before leaving?

With that, she should let Jason be.

My eyes were still puffy so I just closed it and slept off.

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