July 26, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 152

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He And Her V.

Episode 152

Court Day

Tucker’s POV

We all sat in court and maintained decorum.

The judge walked in and the secretary stood and honored him.

“At this time of the day, we are attending to case number 6B – L15. ” the judge said and opened the files on her table.

She looked to Grace’s lawyer and said: “Mr. Tucker here filed for a divorce for two reasons: firstly because Miss Grace had lied that the daughter she had is for Tucker and because she presume Miss Grace to be evil.
Why did you think I shouldn’t grant his request?”

Grace’s lawyer stood and said: “My Lord, there is no evidence that Grace’s daughter isn’t for Mr. Tucker.
He might have just being deceived by some unprofocient hospital. We have presented the original D.N.A result to the court months ago and the court may look into it further to confirm.

Secondly, why would anyone think of his wife to be evil? Evil women as we all know makes life hell of a living for their husband. They even go to the extent of wounding or killing their husband but my client never did.
In fact, recent occurrence between let us know that she rather stabbed herself because Mr. Tucker isn’t giving her the love and attention she deserves.
This is so unfair my Lord. And I must say that I know why Mr. Tucker wants to forcefully divorce an innocent woman like my client. It’s because he wants to live only with Camilla, his second wife. ” He sat.

The judge looked at my lawyer and he stood: “My Lord, first of all , I had say I’m disappointed in how my opponent may be trying to cover lies. Anyways, we didn’t come here unprepared. ” He removed two disks from a book before him.

He continued. ” My Lord , I will like you to play this two disks here.”

“What do they contain?” The judge asked.

“The disk on my left hand contains the confession of Mrs. Grace , attesting to the fact that the child she has is not hers.”

Grace came to look into my face, she was horrified but I merely pretended like I didn’t know she was pressing her eyes on me.

“The second disk on my hand is the affirmation of the minister of health affirming to the truth that the child is never for my client. The minister of health had ordered for Mr. Tucker to ascertain the the result of the D.N.A text in three hospitals.
These three hospitals are amidst the ten leading hospitals in America. My Lord , they all said the child Mrs. Grace claimed to be for my client never belongs to him. “

The judge looked at his secretary and he came to my lawyer to receive the disk.

It got played.

The sound was loud enough for everyone at the court to listen.

The first disk that was played was Grace’s declaration that the daughter was never mine.

The second disk was played too.

“We do not need to adjourn the case, it’s crystal clear. This is my judgement: I hereby decree an immediate divorce between Mrs. Grace and Mr. Tucker.
I decree that Mrs. Grace be jailed for three years or pay a sum of hundred thiusand dollar for lying against Mr. Tucker.
And for the lawyer that stand with her knowing fully well the truth, you are fired from your post.” The judge hit the table with his rod.

“Arise.” The secretary shouted.


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