June 9, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 21

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 21

^Lisa ^

“You just called me a fool?” He asked.

“Only a foolish prince will come and ask his maid for advice.”

He smirked. “You have not eaten and drank for three days, yet…you still have the ordersity to insult me.”

“I only told you the truth. Anyways , you wanted to know how marrying or not marrying her would not avoid or stop war, right?” I asked but he just stood still

“The king of Yaun wants her daughter to marry you so he can get to know all that is happening in the palace. His daughter who might be your wife will be feeding him with all the information at the palace. Even classified secretes.
She would spy on you and the palace officials always. Just to give a weekly feedback to her father.
Guess what? At your weakest point as the king , the king of Yaun would attack and win flawlessly. They would enslave all your citizens. The king of Yaun would then take over as King of this country and his country. “

“How dd you know this?”

“I’m a citizen of Yuan and Guryeo. My father is from Yaun while my mother is from here.”

“Is that enough reason to believe what you said.”..

” Who cares if you believe or not, I’m only offering the wicked prince the advise he had requested from an helpless maid. “

“Making sense. I will discuss it with my father.” He walked away.

Few minutes later, some guards came to free me.

They took me to the palace doctor and I was given food to eat and some medications to use to regain strength as soon as I can.

Following Day!

Hae Mo Su entered with his shealt that has sword inside.

“You need to follow me to the field.” He said and I stood.

I followed him.

“What are we going to do?”

“Have you forgotten that the prince ordered me to be training you?”

“Oh! Is that going to be every morning?”

“Yes , and anytime…You are free, feel free to come and meet me. “

We finally arrived the field.

“Has the prince being able to defeat you?”

“No, it’s being ten years that I had being training him to be better than me but he still can’t defeat me.”

“Maybe because you are the best. You are more experienced than him. But he’s able to beat other fighters, right?”

“Yeah, he can defeat practically all Gurguyeo best soldiers. “

He threw the sword to me and I gripped it hard.

He start to train me and I was really getting it so fast cause learning the use of asword had always being my greatest desire.

But the question is why he would want me to learn the use of sword?

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