August 3, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 81

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 81


“I like to stay around you, I can’t say if I love you or not.” I mimiked him.

He didn’t say a word.

“You know what I think?”


“That you love me. But let’s postpone that. Forgive your mother and move on.”

He stood and looked at me. “Next time you tell me to forgive that woman, I will fire you.”

“And mail me to resume back again cause you can not do without me. “

“Hey woman! I can do without you , cleared? You are not Molly and you would never be.” He walked away.

But how in the world would his mom ever disdain Molly. Some mothers are really the cause of their problems.

Two Days Later!

I was done at work and now inside the cab transporting me home.

My phone rang and it was from the boss’s brother.

“Hi, sir.” I greeted but he never replied.

“Hi, sir…Hi! Can you…”

He interrupted me. “Yes , I can.”

What’s happening then?
I better wait for him to speak up.

I waited for almost forty seconds before he inhaled like someone crying and said: “Mom…she’s dead.”

“Dead? ” I shouted in anxiety mixed with horror.

He hung up. My head ached for few seconds and I remembered the first time I met the woman.

“Please ,text me the address you are presently.” I texted those words to the boss’s brother and he replied few moments later with the address.

I ordered the cab man to drive me to the address to which he did.

I finally arrived there and paid the cab driver off. I walked in anxiously and on entering, I saw the boss’s brother sitting before a long table.

Someone was covered from head to toe.

I walked to him slowly.

“I’m so sorry, sir.” I said and watched as tears streamed down his face.

I opened the cloth that the woman was covered with and I saw her dead face.

Wasn’t expecting this woman to die early.

I sat beside the boss’s brother and hugged him. “It’s going to be alright , sir. “

He just kept crying like a baby. He must have loved his mother so much.

“Mother dropped a letter.” He tried to say as he brought out the letter from under the locker.

He presented the letter to me and I recieved it.

“But…why giving me the letter? Did she write it for me?”

“She instructed me not to read it. She said either the boss or you could read it.”

I opened the letter with a blank mind. I can’t guess what could have being inside the letter.

I opened the letter and it reads:

“My son, I lived in fear all my life cause I do not know how to tell you the truth. I’m so sorry for the death of Molly.

But I couldn’t have killed my own daughter.

Yes, Molly is my daughter. She was abducted by the man and women you think are her parent. Your father let them abduct her not merely because they are barren but because he had to pay for an agreement they had. He was incapacitated to pay and he knows that the consequence is death.
So he offered them what they needed most. A daughter.
Molly is your immediate sister, I couldn’t have let anything go on between the two of you. I was trying to protect you from her.
You would have being making love with your sister without knowing. You might even go further to think of marrying her since she’s the only friend that you have.
These were the things I thought about that made me meep expressing my resentment for her hoping that you would give up on her someday.”

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