July 26, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 29 And 30

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Lauren’s POV
I went to bed even though part of me was sad because Nicole didn’t make to spend the night here, am still happy she helped me get signed with the agency.
I’m so happy she came to our lives and changed it.
My friend in school once said, ‘Everyone has a role to play in your life and at what time’ .
She’s such a sweetheart.
My phone beeped and I picked it.
????Is your brother near you?
????No, why ask?
????Can I call?
His call came in immediately.
????Hi, what’s up?
I asked after I picked the call.
????Tell your brother to be careful I have information to have him kidnapped.
He said and I was shocked.
????Who and why?
????Ian. He says he has taken his woman.

I couldn’t help but laugh.
Of all the reasons that one sounded crazy.
I never knew he was also dumb.
????Thank you for the information let me talk to my brother then will tell you what we have agreed.
????Remember our date and I will always love you. I’m willing to change for you.
????Never knew you are sweet. Will call you back.
I said and hanged up.

I love him but my brother will never allow me date him. He thinks Leonel is a criminal but he does all that to earn a living.
I’ll speak with Nicole to give him a job, he’s not yet a drug dealer or bandit.
Just the street fights that’s all.
He has never killed, he just kidnaps and releases them.
I ran to Liam’s room, the door was open giving me easy access inside.
I narrated everything to him and he just listened with an expressionless face.

Laureen’s POV
‘Call him and place it on loudspeaker,’ he said with a smirk.
‘Don’t yell at him, please,’ I pleaded.
‘I won’t, just call him,’ he said calmly.
I called him and he picked immediately.
????Hello, it’s Liam.
????Where were you to take me once am kidnapped?
He asked and I stared at him shock.
He gave me a ‘relax’ look.
????Our normal hideout.
????I’ll come there tomorrow then I’ll do something to look like I have been beaten. You’ll call him afterwards and tell him to come there.
????Okay no problem.
????Thanks bro.
He said and hanged up.
‘What was the meaning of that?’ I asked.
‘I’m giving him an easy job, I’ll talk to Nicole before handing myself to the kidnappers,’ he said.
‘Then I’ll put him in his place. That Ian is such a jerk, who told him he can dictate my life? Watch and see what I do to him,’ he said and smirked.
‘Don’t hurt Leonel, please,’ I gave him the puppy face he can’t reject.
‘Do you love him, or do you have a soft spot for him?’
‘Go and sleep we’ll talk tomorrow,’ he said and sighed.
I walked out of his room.
The night was long as I was thinking on what to do to help Leonel.
I know my bro and he can be overprotective to me, but hurting Leonel won’t be an option.
I woke up early and prepared Liam’s favourite for breakfast.
I was setting the table when Liam and Nicole came to the dinning.
They were busy kissing forgetting I’m around.
‘Get a room,’ I shouted and they both stared at me like a ghost.
‘You are such a kill joy,’ Liam said and I smirked.
‘Nicole what time did you arrive?’ I asked.
‘Just got here,’ she said with a smile.
‘We have something to talk about,’ I said.
‘We are all talking while having breakfast,’
‘I’ll tell her later, it’s some girlish stuff you won’t understand,’ I said.
Nicole winked at me before taking her seat.

Nicole. Episode 31 And 32
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