July 25, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 22

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 22

^Stone ^

“My Lord , My Lord.” One of my guard cried out at the entrance of my room.

In a circumstance like that, it simply implies that something terrible is going on.

I picked my shealth and ran outside. “What is the matter?”

“My Lord , I’m sorry to say this: The king js sick?”

I walked away from him and walked as fast as I can to my father’s chamber.

“Father! Father!” I cried out as I stood at the entrance. His guards let me in and I walked swiftly to him.

I stood beside him.

“Father , what happened?”i asked on seeing his face colored , his skin pale and heat could be felt around him.

” He Is having a serious fever , my prince.” The palace doctor said.

“Father!” I called but my father just kept looking straight to the ceiling of the house.

“Son! ” He called

“Father!” I replied pathetically.

“I want to…spea with you.” He said.

I commanded all those that are present in his room to leave.

“I’m all ears, father!”

“I see death. Death is after me. “

“Father , stop talking about death. You still have many years to live. “

“My son, you will soon become a king. Please lead the country well.” He directed his gaze at me.

“Promise me that you would you marry the daughter of the king of Yaun.”


“That is the only thing that can avoid war and keep this country safe. I can’t let it go through war again. My son, fulfil my last request before I let death have his course. “

“Father!” I cried and he kept looking at my face. He wasn’t saying any more word.

“I promise.” I had to say it since it’s probably father’s last request.

“Dae So!” He called my name and his eyes closed.

I checked to see if he’s breathing but he’s not.

Father is dead.

“Father! Father! Father!” I yelled loud enough for those waiting outside to rush in.

I began to cry like a new born baby. I love father so much.

I’m not ready to be a king. I feel like I’m not fit for the position of a king yet.

“Father!” I cried.

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