July 26, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 31 And 32

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             EPISODE 31
            Nicole’s POV
    ‘Are you kidding me?’ I asked laughing.
     ‘Why should I? I need my face to look like someone hurt,’ he said.
     ‘You can put some tomato sauce or some make up,’ I suggested and Laureen laughed.
     ‘You’ll look funny,’ she said and I laughed.
     ‘I’ll take care of that,’ I said and they both nodded.
      ‘When he call you, you have to play along with whatever he says,’ he said and I nodded.
I can’t imagine he is planning all this.
These two are full of surprises.
     ‘Can I talk to you now?’ Laureen asked.
I looked at Liam and back to her.
       ‘Privately,’ she said glaring at him.
      ‘Just say, not like I won’t know,’ Liam said.
     ‘You won’t because it’s some girlish stuff. Don’t tell me you turned into a girl,’ she said and I chuckled.
    ‘Whatever just go,’ he said and we walked away.
She led the way to her room and locked the door.
     ‘Promise me what we are discussing will end here,’ she said seriously.
I have never seen her this serious before.
Maybe it’s a sensitive matter, but why not tell her brother.
They are more close than me.
     ‘Sure a promise, what is it?’ I said and she sighed rubbing her palms together.
She seemed nervous and disturbed.
She sat on the bed and gestured me to sit beside her.

             EPISODE 32
         Laureen’s POV
I sighed again and faced her. I just hope she will understand me.
     ‘I really need your help,’ I said.
     ‘You know you can count on me for anything? Say it how can I help you?’ she said.
    ‘Just listen to me and don’t interfere in my speech okay,’ I said and she nodded.
     ‘Leonel has been my friend ever since I was young. We basically grew up together. They were friends with my brother until he joined the gangster. My brother tried to talk him out but he couldn’t. He needed the money for his sisters bills but unfortunately she later died. I love him and I know he is not a bad person. He can change but where will he get a job? I can’t tell my brother I love him because he won’t approve me dating a gangster. Please help me out,’ I pleaded.
    ‘You want me to give him a job?’ she asked and I nodded.
     ‘He can work in the fashion design company?’ she asked.
     ‘Is it yours?’ I asked surprised.
     ‘Yeah, my aunt runs it for me. What job can he do?’ she asked.
      ‘Anything for a start, he needs the money,’
      ‘He can’t work with Liam in the same building,’ she said.
      ‘What do you mean?’
      ‘The one in town, my aunt is doing the paper work to hand it over to Liam,’ she said and I couldn’t help but hug her.
     ‘Thank you,’
      ‘It’s nothing, it’s his hard work that will determine his fate,’ she said simply like its nothing to her.
   ‘Leonel loves hospitals and things to do with medicine, he wasn’t able to finish the University due to lack of money,’ I said as I remembered how we operated on a rat when we were young.
      ‘You can talk to him, I’ll talk to a doctor he is the head in my aunt’s hospital. He will help him work part time in the hospital as he goes back to school. Are we good?’ she asked.
      ‘Yeah thank you so much,’
        ‘It’s nothing, I understand how it feels to love someone, you can give anything just to be with the person,’
she said and I jumped up happily.
            Nicole’s POV
It’s not a big deal, once you love someone all you think of is how to make the person happy.
I’ll meet with doctor Ronald tomorrow, I need to talk to my aunt first.
He can be assisting the doctor and he will be added to the hospitals payroll.
He can also be learning some things practically.

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