July 27, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 21

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The V Stripper.

Episode 21

^Jennie ^

I’ve being able to acquire a better house. My sister and I now lives in our own house.

I placed the remaining amont of money in her bank account just for safety. I have a feeling that Stone would come after me.

As long as I’ve not totally defeated him, he would spring forth to attack me and probably get his money back.

But I won’t allow that.

“Sister, I got this chocolate for you.” My sister said as she entered the house and I went to her.

She was holding two chocolates so I collected one from her.

“Thanks , dear.” I smiled and we both walked to the living room.

“Hope you have cooked for me?” She asked playfully as she dropped her bag on the chair and went to the kitchen.

I want this happiness to persist but I really do not know where I’m getting this pessimistic feeling from.

At Night.

Despite the fact that our house has many rooms , my sister and I still sleeps in the same room and on the same bed.

she loved me so much and sees me as a mother.

Around 12 in the midnight when she has slept. I stood from the bed and walked outside.

I just stood before the window that faced outside looking at it as if Stone and his men would appear anytime soon.

I kept watching and a thought of actually travelling to another country came to my mind.

Even if we do, a rich man like Stone would still find me.

The best thing is to defeat him. But what if he has actually forgotten about me?

Well, he may forget about me if I escape without money but since I actually collected that huge amount of money from him, he would definitely come after me.

He’s a wicked man that likes taking advantage of the poor. Someone that do not know how to keep to a deal.

Is this even suppose to cause a feud? I let you take my flower and you are simply suppose to give me the money we had agreed on but you refused.

On that, you still want to make me your puppet, you want to force me to marry you and probably use me as some S-E-X slave

I suddenly noticed a car drove to the company of my house. My heart constrict.

I think what I’ve being waiting for is finally here.

I closed my eye and went to my sister’s room. I wrote a good bye letter to my sister. I promised her in the letter that I would come back.

I will see this as an opportunity to finally defeat Stone.

I walked out of my house and went to the car.

Two men stepped down from the car and gazed at me.

“You came for me , right?”

They exchanged glances.

“Sure.” One of them replied.

“Here , I am.” I said and they gestured for me to walk inside the car to which I did

They drove off.

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