June 19, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 154

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He And Her V.

Episode 154


I knew I had made Camilla go through hell and I was just about to break the good news to her but she won’t listen.

Is anything the matter? I had put a call across many times to her and she won’t pick up.

I’ve sent several texts too and she would not reply. I’m glad that the court had separated Grace and I.

I do not care if she goes to jail or has the money for her bail. I’m really glad that I’m free.

I sat at my living room, I wish I am celebrating this with Camilla but…I really do not know what is wrong with her.

Maybe I should visit her at the hotel. I went Inside to shower first and change into a casual dress.

I picked my car keys ready to leave for Camill’s hotel when my phone rang.

I checked whom the caller was and it turns out to be Camilla.

I was so happy. I picked it instantly.

“Tucker , I do not have to keep you worrying. I knew you loose the case.” Her voice came through. It was firm and rigid. “I have decided to move on. It hurts sincerely but it’s for the good of the both of us. Maybe we are not destined to marry. Maybe! I can not imagine giving birth to a baby that barely escapes death. And we have being living like he has no father here.
I’m weak and fragile at the moment too and I need care from my husband but you are not there. I understand that Grace is trying her best to have you, please just love her back and I’m pretty sure I would find another man too “

I sighed. “Camilla , I won the case.”

There was silence for what look like hours.

“You…did what?”

“I won the case Camilla. Grace and I had being separated. You can come home.”

“Is this a joke or prank? Are you…I don’t get, like you won the case! You have divorced Grace “

“Yea , yes I have. “

She screamed happily on phone.

“Now , I can take care of my baby , take care of you and be a good father. ” I said and I could hear her giggle.

“Drive home now baby.” I said.

Bn”Coming right away!” She screamed and hung up.

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