August 2, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 23

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 23

^ Lisa ^

I had just finished the sword training when I got the sad news that the king is dead.

Now it’s the time for Dae So to become a king. Hum!

Three days later!

The mornings had being carried out for the late king and the swearing is currently going on for the present king.

Later that night , he sent for me and I obliged.

“Have your sit.” he gestured.

“Congratualtions on your new position as the king.”

He nodded. “I promised father to marry the princess of Yuan. And…”

“What if you do not fulfil it?”

“Why won’t I? I keep to my words. The chief official told me that the messenger of the king of Yuan is on his way with the Princess of Yuan. “

“What do the palace officials thinks about this?”

“What did you expect? They were all in support of my father.”

“I see. As a king ,you should get married truly. You should have thought of who to marry.”

“I have. “

“Oh really? “

He nodded. “I do not like that woman; the princess of Yuan. All you said might actually come true and…I just don’t know. I’m confused. “

“Congratulations to the confused king.”

He came to look at my face. His ciuntenance was a bewildered one.

“I’m now a king , I deserve some respect. “

“How can I respect someone that sent my family out of their own land and starve me for three days ,tieing me to a spot like a dog. There was even a time that I was almost getting hanged to death. Tell me, how can I ever in my whole life, respect you?”

He looked away.

“Look here. King or no king. I’ll never respect you. The worst you will do is to kill me and guess what? I don’t care.”

“Lisa!” He called my name for the first time. ” I’m sorry.”

No, I didn’t hear that well. Did he just say sorry?

“I’m really sorry. I was just trying to…erm…” He threw his hands up in the air and looked passionately into my face.

What’s going on with this king!

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