July 30, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 84

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 84

^ Rachael ^

“Now that the boss had read it, I think you can have a look too.” I said to his brother.

I bent and picked the letter that was on the floor and gave it to his brother.

His brother picked it up and read it.

“I knew it , mom is not terrible. I knew she has her reasons.”his brother said.

” it isn’t the boss’s fault that he loathes the woman. She should have let this out a long time ago.” I defended the boss’s action and he went to where his mother’s corpse lay.

I watched as tears streamed down his face. One could visibly see a look of devastaion on his face.

He opened the corpse and let his tears fall on the woman’s face.

“Mother! ” his voice was soft. “You know I use to love you. I adore you so much but why didn’t you tell me this? I felt like I will miss you all my life.”

Just then , the ambulance men entered. Even while the bos stood before his mother’s corpse, mourning. The ambulance men carried the corpse and took it away.

The boss went to sit sadly.

“I’m so sorry that you are just getting to know the reason behind your mother’s action.”

He nodded. His brother walked away.

“Would you fill in the place that Molly and Mother left in my heart? I feel so empty?”

“How can I do that?”

“I love you , poor girl.” He said to my surprise and I smirked.

“How sure are you?”

“Very sure. I need a shoulder to lean on. I feel so empty. I felt like I need you most. Do you…love me?” His last words came slowly.

I smiled. He came close to me and I hugged him. I can’t confess that I love him yet.

“It’s going to be fine. ” he nodded softly on my shoulder. “, Since you think you love me , what would you do about your brother that clearly loves me too?”

“I really wish my brother do not have feelings for you. I do not like this kind of situation where we both love one woman. There are many women in the world for crying out loud. “

“Exactly , my thought. I sincerely didn’t know whom to fall in love with between your brother and you. I think you should resolve this amidst yourself. one person will have to give it up for another.”

“I always want my brother to be happy. I wish I can give it up for my brother. “

“You wish? Well, As much as you really want your brother’s happinness , your happiness should be your first priority.”

“Rachael , I do not want this to cause rift between my brother and I.”

“Okay , maybe we can settle it now.” I stood and went to invite his brother over.

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