August 3, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 33 And 34

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Nicole’s POV
We took a taxi to where Leonel said. I just hope everything turns out well.
The taxi stopped some distance from the place and we walked there. Ain’t used to walking long distances but I have to be strong and go.
After a long walk we met Leonel leaning on a tree waiting for us.
‘Why the three of you? You may raise suspicions,’ he said immediately he saw us.
This is the first time am seeing him clearly.
He is handsome just like Liam.
‘She’s my girlfriend, I can’t leave her behind,’ Liam said and I smiled.
‘Hope nobody followed you,’
‘Nobody, we came with a taxi,’
‘I’m supposed to call her once you are in my custody. Have you found a way to get bruises on your face?’ Leonel asked.
‘That’s why she’s here. Let’s go before someone sees us,’ Liam said.
Laureen winked at me and I knew what she meant.
‘Baby, if we go all of us someone might see us. Let him show us the way then we can go separately,’ I said to Liam.
‘It’s my duty to protect both of you, ain’t leaving anyone,’ he said sternly.
‘If we go the two of us, it may seem like a romantic walk. I doubt if Leonel can hurt her. If he wanted to hurt any of us he won’t have informed us in the first place,’ I said.
‘Okay, but if you hurt her you’ll have me to contend with,’ he said sternly and Laureen smiled.
‘Go straight then turn left, you’ll see an incomplete building. Rodgers is there, then wait for me,’ he said.
‘Make good use of the opportunity,’ I whispered to Laureen’s ear as we walked away.
I hope there conversation turns well, she really loves him.
If he loves her, then I’ll make sure Liam approves.

Laureen’s POV
I stayed glued on the spot until they were out of sight.
‘They are gone,’ he said as he spread his arms.
I ran to him and jumped into his arms.
‘I missed you,’ he said still hugging him.
‘I missed you to. Is it far?’ I asked.
‘Where they are going?’ he asked and I nodded.
‘Not too far,’ he said kissing my forehead.
‘We start walking, I have something important I need to tell you,’ I said and he nodded.
He wrapped his hand around my waist as we started walking.
‘Tell me,’ he said.
‘I was thinking that you go and finish your exams,’ I said.
‘Yeah, I have been thinking about the same thing and am saving some money for the same,’ he said and I smiled.
‘I talked to Nicole and she’s willing to give you a job in her aunt’s hospital, you can register with the money you are paid,’
‘They won’t accept me yet, I don’t have what to prove that am a trained doctor,’
‘I know, she has talked to the head of the doctors and he’s willing to help you. Just do it for me then Liam will approve our relationship,’ I pleaded and he sighed.
‘Okay, if it’s for you I’ll do it,’ he said and I jumped on him an aware.
He lost his balance and we both fell on the grasses with me on top.
‘Thank you,’ I said smiling.
‘I’ll talk to my brother now,’ I said and he took my lips by surprise.
I pulled back and tried standing.
‘We won’t leave this place soon, let’s go,’ I kissed him slightly and stood.
He sighed and stood.
‘I saw you on the magazine you looked beautiful as always,’ he started as we walked the same direction Liam went through.
‘It was fun, my dream is coming true,’
‘I’m happy for you,’ he said and stopped.
‘Look,’ he pointed and I turned to look at the direction.
I couldn’t hold my laughter at what I saw.

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