June 13, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 22

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The V Stripper.

Episode 22

^ Stone ^

I sat in my blacony hoping that the men I had sent to get Jennie for me would come as soon as possible.

Few moments later , I saw the same car that I had driven out to get Jennie drive inside.

I wondered how possible that is. It’s just few minutes that they had left and I know that Jennie should definitely give then a tough time.

Or perhaps , they didn’t get her. Even at that , they wouldn’t come this soon.

Common sense would tell them to search pretty well for her.

To my surprise, they stepped down with jennie. She wasn’t even handcuff. She was free and I can’t but imagine what in the world could be going on.

The men walked in with Jennie and stood before me.

“She didn’t give us a tough time sir, she cooperated.” One of the men said.

“I’m here.” Jennie said to my surprise. She was confident.

“My little kitten.” I kept my astonishment away and smiled to her.

“Do I need to chain you or you would cooperate with me. I meant that: won’t you try to run away!”

“For how long are you willing to keep me here?”

I giggled. “For as long as I wish. But first ,let’s talk about my money?”

“Your money?”

“Yes , the one you took from me.”

“Sir , we had an agreement and…should this even cause a fight? You are only suppose to fulfil your own part of the deal and here you are trying to bully me cause you think I’m poor.”

“Think you are poor! ” I chukcled. “Why should I think you are poor when I know you are poor.”

“But the money you gave me had made me rich. I’ve expended it.”

“You did what?” I stood up before her. “Pardon! Oh! Don’t tell me that house there belongs to you?”

“Of course it does belongs to me. I acquired it with the money and invested the remaining.”

“In what?”

“None of your business, sir.”

“Indeed.” I collected the gun from one of the men beside her and pointed it at her. “Where is my money?”

“You can shoot me but you are not getting the money back. It’s spent. “

“Fine. I’ll make you pay for it then.” I said to her and looked at my boys. “Tie her in the last room. “

“Sure boss.” One of them replied and they walked away.

I will make her face hell. How dare she spends the money.

Few minutes later, I walked inside and saw her tied to the chair

“How about I go for your sister?” I asked. I knew that this would be her biggest fear.

But what can she do to me anyway, I won’t make a mistake of letting her slip away again.

“It’s too late, Mr Stone.”

“Too late! Watch!” I said and walked out.

I commanded my men to go and get her sister.

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