July 27, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 155

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He And Her V.

Episode 155

^ Camilla ^

I arrived home, I was so glad and happy. The day that I had always wished for had come. The moment that I had always wished for met me alive.

I carried my little baby in my arms and walked inside. I looked around and didn’t see a view Tucker.

He had told me that he was at home few minutes ago, so what could be going on?

“Tucker!” I called but no one responded.

Someone rapped a hand around my face, I touched the fingers and knew at once that it was Tucker.

I turned to him happily and he collected the baby from me. He kised the baby on his forehead and kissed me also.

“I’m so sorry for all I had made you go through, Camilla. Thanks for staying with me.”

I nodded and we both went to sit.

“I can not believe I did not see my wife for one good month.”

“You did once , though. At the hotel. Nevertheless , it was sacrifice on my path cause I have no idea what Grace could ha e done for us.

” True, we should go for a honey moon proper now , right?”

“What honey moon? We should do a proper wedding first , please. That shit that Grace forced us to do is not wedding , please.”

Tucker cackled, “Fine, we are doing a proper marriage then.”

“We better start now.” I said with a smile.

He winked at me. “I’ll call Mira and tell her about our plans.”

“Where in the world has she been? Being quiet a while I heard from her.

“She hasn’t being around. And I do not want to overwhelm her with my burdens. I’m sure she will be glad to know we are getting married. ”

“Sure , I like her.”

He snickered.

I watched as he placed a call across to his sister.

“Hey, Mira!”

“Tucker, how have you being?”

“Fine sister. Got a good news to tell you.”

“I can’t wait. ”


“Common, I’m not guessing. Just tell me. ”

“Fine, Canilla and I are getting married. ”

“Camilla! ”

“Sure, is that suppose to be a surprise?”

“Not , just that erm… Did you know where her mom Is, presently?”

“Her mom! she’s living around Texas.” He replied his sister and whispered a question to me. “Right?”

I nodded.

It’s being quiet a while I speak to mom and I really feel guilty at the moment now.

It’s not really my fault, I had been fighting my battles for many months now.

“I think you need to find out where she is before talking of marriage?”Ruby said and he dropped his hand sullenly.

“What is that suppose to mean Camilla?”

“I really can’t think straight , Being a while I heard from mother , though.”

“I suggest you call her.”

“Sure , right away.” I brought out my phone and dialed her number severally but it wasn’t reachable.

“What’s going on?” Tucker asked.

“I’m as confused as you.”

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