August 2, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 24

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Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 24

^ Primce Dae So ^

Being a king is very tasking. I feel so unqualified but I’m sure with wise men around me, I should be able to make wise decisions.

I stood before all the palace officials waiting for the messenger and the princess of Yuan that are almost here.

“My Lord,” The messenger cried loud. ”The envoy of Yuan and the princess of Yuan is here.”

The palace officials were standing by the left and right in vertical manner.

The envoy who happens to be a man and the princess walked amidst the palace officials and stood before me.

He bent slightly ,one could easily discern arrogance in him. Not as if they have defeated our country before.

Cause I do not know what the pride is for. They are reckless people who only care about their officials and themselves. They don’t care if their citizens die or starve so they can pull up a war at anytime.

Unlike father that has his own citizens at heart and knows pretty well that war causes hunger and starvation amidst the citizens and might even lead to slavery if the other country wins.

“I’m an envoy to the kingdom of Yuan. We present our princess to you. We request that you accept her and make her your queen.”

“Why should I?” I said to the surprise of everyone.

He smirked wickedly like he has something that he would do for me right there and then.

Arrogant brat.

The princess took few steps towards me and said seductively: “Am I not glamorous enough?”

“You are beautiful to behold.”

“Why would you not take me as your wife?”

“Cause I do not want a foreign wife in the palace. We will have no secretes that way. You can always leak all our actions to your father.”

“Why would I? By the ways, you won’t be hurting our kingdom , so why would I report to father as long as it does not affect my country. ”

“I see. That’s what I want. “I insisted.

” You rather prefer a war.” The envoy took a step forward and yelled.

“If you take another step forward , I will behead you.” I threatened and the officials murmured while he also furrowed his brow in shock.

“My lady , let us leave.” He said and the princess smirked at me before they both walked away.

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