July 26, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 85

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 85


His brother walked inside with me and sat before the boss and I.

“Sir , you love me right?” I asked his brother.

His face was expressionless. “What’s the meeting for?”

“Boss , you love me right?”

The boss looked at his brother and said: “I confessed to her that I love her?”

“You love her?” His brother asked to confirm what he just heard and the boss nodded sluggishly.

The boss lowered his head like someone feeling guilty.

“But I confessed my love for her before you do. Plus you use to loathe her so much, so what suddenly change?” His brother asked.

“I use to like her around me despite how stubborn she is but : I do not think the feelings started now. I tried as much as possible to fight the feelings by loathing on her, you know, it’s very awkward to fall in love with a poor girl.”

His brother rested on the chair and crossed his legs.

“Brother! I’m so sorry.” The boss pleaded.

“I invited you over here to settle this once and for all. I can’t really say ‘yes’ to anyone so it won’t cause conflict between the two of you. I may be poor but wise enough not to be a reason for a fight between two brothers. ” I said to them.

“Like , someone is suppose to give up his love for another , right?” His brother’s face was on me.


His brother snikered. “What did you know about Love? Do you think love is some temporarily emotion gabage! I don’t want to have this conversation.” His brother stood and walked away.

I looked to the boss. He turned to me and said. “I loathe you.”

I snikered. “So now, you hate me cause you find yourself falling in love with me.”

He bite his lips and looked away.

“I shouldn’t have employed you.”

“Well, you have. ” I stood.

Since none of them is ready to give up love, I will help.

I walked outside and saw the boss’s brother leaning on the wall.

“Would you like to have a date with my sister?”

“Of course.”

“Fine, same place we meet last night, we will be there by 10PM. ”

“Fine.” He smiled and I turned.

He called me: “Camilla.”
He hesitated for a while with his mouth open.

For what looks like he long time, a
he looked like one that would speak but then words are not protruding.

“I know you love me , sir.” I walked away.

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