August 2, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 35 And 36

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Laureen’s POV
‘Liam! Nicole!’ I called as they both stood up.
‘The last time I checked you are supposed to have gotten to the place, what happened?’ I asked.
They both pointed at each other and I couldn’t help but laugh.
‘Seriously, you guys are joking,’ I said catching my breath.
They both looked unkempt.
‘Let’s go. Liam go with him, to prevent you from repeating the same thing,’ I said and he gave me a deadly glare like I had said something wrong.
‘Nothing will happen. Baby let’s go,’ he pulled her to himself, wrapped his hand around her waist and started walking.
‘Your brother is something else,’ Leonel said shaking his head and I laughed.
I’m already feeling tired from walking. I don’t walk long distances as most of the time am in school.
No matter how poor we were I never missed school.
My legs are already hurting but I can’t complain.
I have to give my brother support, he’s my only family.
I’m so happy that he’s happy, he deserved to be happy after everything he has gone through.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked snapping me from my thoughts.
‘I’m fine, shall we?’
He carried me in bridal style as he started walking.
‘When you are tired ,you say, I don’t bite,’ he said calmly.
‘Thank you,’ I smiled, wrapped my hand around his neck and rested my head on his chest.
‘I think they already got there,’ I said.
‘I hope so, because time is also not on our side. It’s almost evening, how will you go home?’
‘I won’t go, you’ll show me a place to sleep,’ as I rubbed circles on his chest with my other hand.
‘Just relax, you won’t like what I can do, if you continue doing what you are doing,’
‘Okay daddy,’
We got to the place in no time and he put me down before we went in.

Nicole’s POV
Walking with Liam was fun as we played all through.
That Rodgers guy was already waiting for us.
He took us in, only the outside was unfinished but inside, there were three completed buildings that I think people are living in.
‘Who even lives in this desert?’ I asked myself.
‘Hey man,’ Liam greeted the man and they even did a short hug like they know each other, or maybe they do.
Liam pulled a sit and pulled me to sit on his laps.
I’m a little bit scared of this man.
‘She’s pretty, I think I know her,’ he said.
‘From the magazines,’ Liam said simply as he kissed my neck.
‘We are here, thank God you didn’t remain there,’ Laureen shouted as they got in, she had a big smile on her face.
That’s an indication everything went well.
She sat on the chair next to us as Leonel went inside a room.
He came back minutes later with a phone and a chain.
‘Rodgers will hide you somewhere,’ he said pointing at me.
‘Nothing will happen to them?’ Liam asked pointing at me and Laureen.
‘They will be safe,’ he assured.
‘Laureen will hide in this house, then I’ll call him to come over,’ he said.
‘Don’t hurt him,’ Laureen said with a puppy face.
‘I’ll just be a little harsh but I won’t lay a hand on him,’ he said.
‘Okay baby, back to business,’ Liam whispered on my neck.

Ten minutes later
Everyone in the room laughed. I was trying to hold the laughter.
Leonel picked his phone, called Ian and placed it on loudspeaker.
????I have him.
He said sternly.
????I’ll be there in a jiffy.
Ian said happily and I assume he must be celebrating.
‘Let’s go now,’ Rodgers said.
I picked my bag kissed him and we left.

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