August 2, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 37 and 38

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Ian’s POV
I’m so happy everything is going as planned. I jumped around the house joyously.
After celebrating I took my car keys and drove to Megan’s house.
‘What brings you here at this time of the night?’ she asked immediately she saw me.
‘I have good news for you,’ I said smiling victoriously.
‘What is it?’ she asked eagerly.
‘Liam has been kidnapped,’
‘Tell them not to hurt him, I need to make him love me,’ she said with a smile.
‘They sent me the directions am going there right now,’
‘Give me a moment I change then we go together,’ she said and ran upstairs.
She came back later dressed in all black. Black trouser, black top, black jacket and black boots.
‘Are you going to a funeral?’ I asked.
‘I don’t want anyone to recognize me,’ she said and I nodded.
Megan’s POV
‘Nicole here I come to take what rightfully belongs to me,’ I said to myself and smirked.
This is the best achievement I can make in my life, at least my mom would be proud of me.
I will have the most handsome man wrapped around my finger.
Isn’t that great?
After a long drive we stopped and started walking.
The car couldn’t go any further, if not for the love I have for Liam, I would have gone back.
After what seemed like forever we got to the place and Ian called the guy.
He came out and looked around before signalling us to go in.

Megan’s POV
Liam was tied on a chair. Even though he had some marks on his face he seemed not bothered.
I stood behind the door as Ian went in.
‘Look who we have here,’ Ian said sarcastically and Liam laughed mockingly.
‘I always knew you need trouble from me, but this you crossed the boundary,’ Liam said with his angelic voice.
‘You are now at my mercy, let me call your dear girlfriend to come and see how I deal with you. By the time am done your sweet girlfriend will come back crawling to me,’ he said and Liam only laughed.
‘Wow such a nice dream, or maybe you should earn yourself a medal for being a good imaginer,’ Ian raised his hand to slap him but the guy who brought us here stopped him.
‘He has received enough let him be for now,’ he said simply.
‘Watch me call your girlfriend,’ Ian said angrily.
‘Hi beb,’ Ian said.
I couldn’t get to hear what Nicole was saying.
‘Don’t you dare insult me because I have your boyfriend,’
‘Just be a good girl and come here,’ he said and hang up.
Ian picked a knife and I ran inside.
‘Don’t hurt him,’ I pleaded.
I know Ian and he can do something crazy.
‘So you also came, with your accomplice?’ Liam asked.
What is shocking me is how this people are behaving. There is only one man here and the other one entered a room.
The other one was just watching us while operating his phone.
‘I’m not his accomplice, I just came to help you. I love you and just wants to help. I can’t watch you get hurt,’ I said in tears.
‘Congratulations you have been for this year’s Oscar award,’ he said and laughed.

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