August 2, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 23

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The V Stripper.

Episode 23

^ Jennie ^

The room I was is dark and the doors are well sealed. I knew he would plan well this time not to allow me escape but that would never happen.

*Two Days Ago*

“Dear!” I looked at my sister.

My sister and I had being eaten our delicious food without sayung a word to each other.

It might probably be because we are lost in the delicious food.

She looked at me and paused her food but her mouth kept chewing the food that was in her mouth already.

“You may wake up one day and not see me. If that happens, leave this house.”

She chewed the food in her mouth and expressed her awe.

“What! What’s that suppose to mean?”

“I’m never going to die. No , I will stay and survive but I’ve still got an enemy lurking around me. I can not say precisely if he will come after me but the probability of him coming after me is 80 percent. ”

“Can’t we report to the police?”

“That would be the most foolish thing. If he comes after me, I will just let him take me cause I won’t want anyone to get hurt and I would not want him to treat me like a mad woman that must not be set loose in his house. ”

My sister sough.

“If that morning comes ,don’t moan, just leave to Miami, I’ve bought a house for you there already. The address and all you need to reside there legally is in your mail, you can contact our lawyer to if any issue arise. ”

She nodded.

“Just be fine for me , alright?”

“Okay , but what will happen to this house?” She asked.

“Once you leave , call John: our lawyer and tell him that you’ve left. Don’t worry about the rest, he will protect the house for as long as we are away. We can always come back for it in the future ”

“Nice plan sister , but.. ”


“I just have a lot of thoughts going through my head right now. Like…I can’t think straight.”

“Eat dear.” I told her and she sighed heavily before taking her spoon.

“I hope it never happens. ”

“I hope so too.”


The door opened by itself forcefully. I looked towards the direction anxiously. It was like someone in rage was coming in.

Stone came into view and stood before me: “Where in the world did you keep your sister?”

“Fool, I told you , you will never find her. You think I was blaberring.”

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