June 16, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 156

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He And Her V.

Episode 156


Tucker and I dicided to check my mom at her house in Texas. We arrived at Texas, at my mom’s address to be precise.

We asked of her but the response we got was that someone else moved in to her apartment.

All our efforts to get to know when and where she move to was all futile.

“Why would mother move from here without informing us?” I asked peeking into Tucker’s face.

“I’ve got no idea sincerely , maybe I should call Mira and ask how she get to know.”

“True.” I said with a nod and he put a call across to Mira.

He placed it on loudspeaker so I can listen.

“Good morning, sister.”

“It’s afternoon here already ,what’s up?”

“Fine, how did you get to know that something is wrong with Camilla’s mom?”

“Well, she called me a month ago and told me some men had kidnapped her and placed her in a very big house. She said they are not torturing her or hurting her but wouldn’t let her move out. I thought she must have find a way to get to you guys.”

My heart skipped fearfully.
Tucker hung up.

“My mom is kidnapped for about a month and I do not know.” I lamented painfully and leaned on the car.

Tucker put a call across again.

“Did you have the number that she used to call you?”

“Sure , I’ll send it now.” Mira replied and he hung up.

Tucker walked to me and sighed heavily. His phone buzzed and he showed me the digit that Mira sent.

“I want to put a call across to this digit, can I?” Tucker asked.

“What if they’ve collected the phone from her?”

“It won’t hurt putting a call across first.” I nodded and he dialed the digit.

It rang and got picked.

I snatched the phone from Tucker and placed it on my ear hoping to hear the voice of Grandma.

“Camilla!” My mother’s voice came through and I sighed in relief.

“Mother, where are you?”

“I’ve being kidnapped. I found Mira’s number on the phone that was given to me , that was why I called it. I could have informed Tucker or you.”

“Did you know what address you are?”

“We have not allowed to set her foot out since , how will she know?” A familiar voice came through.

“Grace!” I guessed the name.

“Yes , my dear Camilla. You’ve won, what can a looser do?”

“Is that enough reason to kidnap my own mother?”

“Common! I only abducted her. Grandma, am I punishung you?” She asked my mother.

“No , I’m absolutely fine here just that….” My mother tried to say and I could hear someone shut her.

“Grace, why would you not just give up?”

“I have nothing to loose again. You took the love of my life from me. Tucker took my flower and you expect me to forget about him just like that. The court has bound me from coming for the both of you but I can still have your mother.” She laughed.

“Grace , what did you want?”

“Hum! Nice question, ” she paused. ” I want you to give me what rightfully belongs to me?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Divorce Tucker and let me have him.” She said.

“You…” I wanted to tell her she’s joking but Tucker snatched the phone from me and hung up.

“Don’t make her feel like she can’t hurt your mom , she can begin to torture the innocent woman if you act recklessly to her”

“Fine , so what are we going to do?”

“Common! I only got free from Grace because I decided to pay her back with evil. She has a mom right?”


“You got what I mean.” He winked at me and walked inside the car.

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3 thoughts on “He And Her V. Episode 156

  1. I’m just wondering what will happen after Tucker and Camilla get to know that Mira his sister is also an accomplice. She hate Camilla because of her mother’s death and no doubt she knows of Grace’s devilish acts.
    Rise in AUTHOR

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