August 2, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 25

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Korean Bad Primce.

Episode 25

^The King of Yuan^

It was noon, I laid on my sofa while one of my messangers massage my back.

“My Lord, our envoy is back,” My guard cried out.

I heard steps approach me. “My Lord, we are back.”

“We!” I exclaimed and adjusted to a sitting position. I was surprised to see my daughter standing beside the envoy. “He…rejected you?”

“Yes , father. It’s the greatest embarrassment of my life.” She lowered her head pathetically and I turned to the envoy.

“Why did you allow my daughter go through this humiliation?”

“I tried all I could , my Lord. ” He lowered his head regretfully.

I was fuming in anger as I looked to the roof of the room I am.

“Who does this unexperience young lad that calls himself a king thinks he is? Did he not know how much his father feared me?”

“I gave his father the last warning before he died and I’m sure his father would communicate to him. Yet, he dicided to treat me this way, right?” I smirked angrily.

“Tell them to prepare for war,” I said to my envoy.

“Yes , my Lord,” He walked away.

^Prince Dae So ^

“My Lord! This is so unfair.” The senior official said.

“Unfair! You want me to marry a woman that I do not love.”

“You would not be the first person that this will happen to. Many kings do find themselves in situations like this, just accept her for the sake of peace.”

“I’m not going to do that.” I insisted.

“The king of Yuan would have heard by now and we all know he’s so reckless to commence a war.”

“I don’t care if he starts a war or not. We will be prepared.”

“But, you are just a new king my Lord, we should be talking about important affairs that concerns Guryeo and its citizen not about war, my Lord. ”

“Mo Pal Mo, I know you a wise elder in this country and you were the same person that consistently advise my grandfather when he was a king, same with my father now with me. This will be the first time you will advise me but I’m sorry to tell you that I’m not changing my decisions.”

He nodded and stood. He lowered his head and walked out.

I sighed.

^ Lisa ^

I was on the field training with sword with Hae Mo Su when he suddenly gestured for us to pause.

“You are really doing great , Lisa.”

” Thanks,” I smiled.

“Did you hear the recent news? That prince , sorry, King Dae So refuse to accept the princess of Yuan as his wife.”


“The whole citizens were all surprised. People are rumouring that war might soon break out between our country and theirs. ”

“This is serious.”

“No one wants war actually, I fear that the palace officials may rebel against the king if he would not change his decision.”

“Oh! Like a coup d’etat?”

“Yes.” He answered and walked away.

I stood on the field and thought. Why in the world isn’t he just doing what the citizens wants? No one wants war to break out.

Not as if he has sighted any lady that he likes , why is he stubborn to accept that princess?

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 24

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