June 13, 2021

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Nicole. Episode 39 And 40

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Megan’s POV
‘Untie my hands, my legs are tied and I can’t run away. I won’t even run, I have idiots who thought tying me here is a good idea. I need to deal with them,’ he said.
That guy untied his hands and just then Nicole came in. She walked past us and sat on his laps.
‘Get out of there or I’ll kill both of you,’ Ian yelled.
I think there is something fishy going on.
‘Where on earth is Laureen?’ I asked myself.
Laureen can never leave his brother.
There is some mind playing games going on.
I need to be careful before my life is destroyed.
‘No problem it will be a good romantic story, we died together,’ Nicole said and kissed Liam.
I felt anger and pain rise in me.
How can they kiss infront of me?
‘Don’t you do that!’ I yelled and everyone in the room faced me.
‘I hate you Nicole, you always have everything. You have the perfect life, career and boyfriend. You have everything. I joined modelling before you, but you came and overtook me. I met him before you and you still went and seduced him. Can’t you be contented with what you have,’ I yelled in tears.
‘Even though you have two sides, everyone seems to love you. You are harsh and cold, you still have people around you. You are nice, then you get adoration from people.
What does she gave that I don’t, Liam?’ I shouted and Nicole’s mouth was just open.
‘I have tried everything, I even got support from my mom but you never break. Even after my mom killed your mom and took your dad, you were never affected. Who are you? Are you even human?’
She stood and walked closer to met that was when it downed on me that I have spoken more than I needed to.
Her eyes were red and watery, her breathing was heavy.
I covered my mouth. I was still staring at her and didn’t realise Ian being tied and Liam walking towards us.
‘You!’ she said trembling.
‘Baby come down, don’t take any harsh decision,’ he said to her and rested his head on her shoulder from the back.
I wish it was me, I would be the happiest girl on earth.

Nicole’s POV
I can’t explain how am feeling right now. I feel pain, anger, frustration. If it would have been the older me, I would have drank and get wasted.
I stopped drinking and smoking.
I felt Liam’s head on my shoulder and his breath was somehow calming my nerves.
But it can’t get rid of the pain I’m my heart.
I have deal with her and avenge my moms death.
Thank God I have the recording, Rodgers was recording everything.
‘So you are behind my moms death?’ I asked trying to hide the anger.
I wish I don’t do something crazy.
Liam’s hands were wrapped around my waist.
‘You fools get me out of here,’ Ian shouted and I could help but laughed out tears.
He turned me around and hugged me.
‘You’ll get justice in court, just come down,’ he whispered and I nodded.
‘You know what Megan, let’s meet in court,’ I said sternly as I let the other side of me take control.
‘You won’t win, you don’t have proof and it will be my words against yours,’ she said and I laughed.
So she thinks am as stupid as her.
‘Rodgers play it,’ I said and he played the only part she said that.
‘I won’t watch you destroy my life again,’ I looked at her and chuckled.
‘Who told you, you’ll leave this place? I asked.
‘Ian hired these men and they are obliged to him,’
‘Why is he tied?’ I asked sarcastically.
‘I hate you?’
‘The feeling is mutual,’ I said and rested my head on Liam’s chest.

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