June 17, 2021

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The V Stripper. Episode 24

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The V Stripper.

Episode 24

^Stone ^

I felt like slapping her. I was so enraged that her sister had left before we get to her place.

But , how smart could her sister be to leave the house? No! She probably went somewhere.

I put a call across to my boys to hunt the house for anther one week.

“You will never find her.” She let out.

“I will find out where she Is,” I said proudly.

“What do you need her for anyways? She’s got no deal with you.”

I sat before her and watched her. ” You know what? I like you being in my cage, trust me.”

She laughed to my surprise. “And…what would do you plan to do with me? Make love with me whenever you like , right?”

“I wish it were so but I want something more.”

“Indeed, ” She said. “I think I love you , Mr Stone.”

“Are you joking?” I could not believe my ears.

“I’m not. You see that you did not have to force me to do anything. This was why I came here willingly. ”

I smiled at her. I walked to her and set my face before hers. “Are you sure of what you are saying?”

“I’ve never being so sure all my life than I am presently. I did not know what it is about you but I know I love you so much. ”

I smiled and brought my lips close to hers, our lips interlocked and we began to kiss.

I was getting turned on that I felt like throwing her on my bed. I withdrew from her all of a sudden and I could see so much willingness in her face.

She’s telling the truth.

I called one of my guards to set her loose and they did.

“Follow me!” I winked at her and went to my bedroom. She followed me.

I carried her and threw her to the bed. I began to remove my clothes while she did the same too.

I became totally uncovered while she was left with only her underwear.

I climbed on her and suddenly felt something penetrated inside my stomach.

I looked down sullenly and I saw her holding a curved knife that has being pierced inside my stomach.

I didn’t feel a pain to my surprise except that blood were gushing out slightly. I tried to raise my head to look into her face only for her to pull out the knife fiercely.

I fell to the bed groaning in pain. ,it was like my intestine had being cut. I was bleeding so fast.

I watched her stood and wore her clothes.

“I wish I do not have to kill you , Mr. stone but I’m sorry. ” She said and pierced my neck with the knife.

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