June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 157

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He And Her V. Episode 156

He And Her V.

Episode 157


Sometimes ,it’s best to show people that they do not own the world.

I sat on the sofa in my house while waiting for Camilla to bring me the drink I had ordered her to bring.

She soon came into view and walked towards me with a bottle of whiskey and a glass cup

She served me and sat beside me.

“Are you planning to kidnap her mom too?” Camilla asked and I smiled.

I sip the drink and looked at her.

“What else are we suppose to do? You know pretty well that reporting to the cops is no option, right?”

“Sure, I do. I’m just being careful here. You know, when she finds out that you kidnap her mother , she might come for us with full force.”

“Are you planning on telling her that I did the kidnapping?” Camilla’s mouth dropped.

“But…will our actions make her free my mom?”

“May be not , but it will make her weak , very weak cause I won’t exclude her daughter too.”

“Have you gone crazy , Tucker? You want to kidnap her daughter too?”

‘Not kidnap , abduct actually, cause she will be taken care of. See Camilla, we need to show her that we’ve got our own powers too. Did you know how long your mom would be in her custody? Did you know what she might end up doing to the innocent woman if you keep refusing to divorce me?”

Camilla sighed and I looked away.

I’m determined and nothing is going to change it.

*At Night*

I got a call from three men that I had hired to kidnap Grace’s mother and daughter.

“Job done, boss.” One of the men’s voice came through.

“I’m on my way.” I replied and stood.

I walked out of the house and drove straight to their street.

“Welcome boss.” One of the men greeted me as I entered.

“You did a really good job, where are they?”

“We have kept them inside sir.”

I walked towards where they were kept and saw the woman sitting beside the daughter.

They didn’t see me cause I peeped.

“Good job , guys. Ensure you take good care of them. Treat them with dignity and let them feel at home but don’t ever let them escape. ”

“Alright , boss.” The second man replied.

I walked out and drove back home.

Grace’s POV

“Boss! Boss!” One of my men came running up the stairs that I was.

I looked towards his direction nervously. “Is anything the matter?”

“We just received a confirmation that your mother has being kidnapped.”

“What!” I stood up stunningly. “Kidnapped? My mom!”

“Have you find out who did it? ”

“No , boss. But the same person also…” His voice faints.

“Also did what?” I yelled at him.

“George and Dan were watching Joy play her ball in front of the house. They had no idea how she disappeared.”

“What does that suppose to mean? Are you saying both my mother and daughter has being kidnapped?”

“I’m sorry boss.” He said and lowered his head guiltily.

My heart became so heavy, I couldn’t think at all.

Everything was just blank. I hit the desk before me and began to hit it painfully.

Who could have kidnapped my mother and daughter in the same day?

He And Her V. Episode 156

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