June 18, 2021

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 26

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Korean Bad Prince. Episode 25

Korean Bad Prince.

Episode 26

^Lisa ^

I stood before the king. “Sir, you sent for me?”

“Yes, I did. How are you?”the king asked?

” When did you start caring for me , my Lord?”

“Lisa, I want to have you as my wife.” His voice was strong.

I laughed. “Are you joking? ”

“I’m serious. I need to have you as my wife as quick as possible. Who wouldn’t be happy being a Queen to the king?”

“Wait! Have you gone crazy? Like…are you mad? You sent my mother and sister away, you punished me severally for practically doing nothing and you are talking of marriage. ”

“Did you realize that you are before the king of Guryeo?”

“To hell with the wicked prince that became a premature king. It’s better for you to accept the Princess of Yuan cause if this war commence, I fear for what may befall you.”

“The palace officials will come against me if I did not marry the princess of Yuan but If I show them that I have someone I’m about to marry , that should make them re-think”.

” Select just any maid in the palace , then?”

“No , I want you.”

“It will never be possible.”I stood angrily.

” Are you about to walk away from me?”

“You know I can do it, so why asking me?”

He sighed. “What if I tell my guards to find your parents and bring them back to Guryeo?”

“You can search them till eternity , you would never find them.”

“What did you want, then?”

“Nothing.” I answered and turned.

“Stop there.” He shouted angrily and I freezed

“If you can not marry me willingly then I will force you to marry me.”

I turned to him and smiled. “Fine.” I walked away.

On getting to my chamber, I began to pack few of my luggage , I need to run away from here.

I can not let that psycho king forcefully marry me.

And yes , I’m leaving this night.

I knocked down the two guards guarding my room and began to tip toe towards the backyard of the palace.

While climbing the rock to the other side that leads outside. I heard a guard shout: “Who is there?

I increased my pace and I heard he and one other guard running towards me.

They shone a light on me and they say my face. ” come down , where are you going?”

I increased my climbing pace and fell outside the palace.

My leg hurts but I could still run , I began to run through the thick forest while they run after me.

Korean Bad Prince. Episode 25

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